Daylight-dependent Lighting for First-Class Fitness Studio creates flexibility and ambience

Interior Lighting Fitness Studio, Prime Time Fitness Maximilianstraße - Munich, Germany

Prime Time Fitness had an automated daylight-dependent lighting system installed for its fitness studio located in Munich's Maximilianstraße. The lighting system meets the high standards of the location and brand philosophy: welcoming from the street providing a feel-good atmosphere and pleasantly stimulating inside, while also being flexible, reliable, automated or easily controlled via app.


Category: Sports facilities, Flexible Lighting
Location: Munich
Technology/Services: Light management systems, Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2020

Prime Time Fitness is a fast growing fitness brand that sees itself as the top address in the field of training. The company is opening its studios in the hotspots of Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. For its new studio in the prestigious Maximilianstrasse in Munich, the lighting had to meet the highest standards. Lighting designer Dominik Ortmann of Light Solution Center AG recommended a fully automated daylight-dependent lighting system with components from OSRAM.

Experience light with a feel-good effect

Even from the outside the light develops its full effect. With large windows facing the street, the wooden walls, which are particularly accentuated, create a sense of transparency. A warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits the visitor upon entry. Nothing distracts, light lines illuminate the room and give it extra length, while the completely glare-free downlights are adjusted to the respective workout equipment. Likewise, the other areas of the studio are perfectly staged: Warm white light illuminates the changing rooms and showers in a friendly and pleasant way. The training equipment is bathed in activating, sometimes colourful light.

Daytime-dependent lighting scenarios

One reason the lighting looks perfectly balanced at all times is that it adapts to the lighting conditions outside and to people's perception of light throughout the day. For both members and staff, this results in a different perception of the studio at any given time of day. Sometimes open and transparent to the outside, sometimes oriented towards the inside. All this happens fully automated from 5.00 a.m. in the morning to 11.30 p.m. in the evening - even the cleaning light switches on and off completely by itself. At the same time, the simple and user-friendly control system via DALI Pro Controller and DALI Pro Control App from OSRAM ensures high flexibility. Even complex lighting scenes can be easily set up, activated and modified or overridden individually for each room at any time.

A reliable partner: everything out of one hand

Other components of the lighting management system are also provided by OSRAM: starting with the flexible adjustable OPTOTRONIC Intelligent DALI drivers through the light and motion sensors up to the LINEARlight Flex LED light strips in standard, tunable white and RGB versions. The result: the individual components are a perfect match. This has already had a positive effect on the smooth installation via plug & play. When in operation, the OSRAM solution stands for high quality of light, efficiency, long lifetime and, in particular, high reliability. With a lighting system as complex as that of the Prime Time fitness studio on Maximilianstrasse, this is a key success factor.

Project partner

Light Solution Center AG