Smart city becomes reality: outdoor LED driver with DEXAL interface enables networked street lighting

Street lighting – Biberstein, Switzerland

As part of an extensive renovation of the street lighting in Biberstein, Switzerland, all new LED luminaires were also equipped with a DEXAL interface for communication and sensing. This means that the municipality in the canton of Aargau is now perfectly prepared for the digital future.


Category: Smart City, Street & Urban
Location: Switzerland
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers
Year: 2019

ENIWA Strom AG in Switzerland is gradually preparing for the digital future. For this reason, the company used the extensive renovation of the street lighting in Biberstein to lay the foundation for future smart city applications.

Adaptable LED luminaires

For the luminaires, the ENIWA professionals relied on Siteco products which had proved to be a successful selection in previous projects. They opted for the Streetlight 11 mini luminaire family which is as versatile as it is attractive . Thanks to its various expansion stages, it enables roads, paths and places to be illuminated efficiently and economically from heights of three to twelve meters. Above all, Streetlight 11 mini meets all the requirements for being equipped with intelligent lighting control packages.

Open system thanks to Zhaga standard

In the case of Biberstein, two DEXAL interface sockets – the upper one for communication, the lower one for sensing – were installed on each of the new LED street lights. The project managers chose this Zhaga standard for good reason. Because its standardized non-proprietary interface specifications allow an open system that can be adapted and expanded in the future.

Digital control at its heart

The Biberstein project is also showing long-term vision in terms of control. Thanks to its flexible output characteristics, the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL outdoor DALI universal driver is very versatile and ideal for building a digital infrastructure because of its integrated DEXAL bus supply for sensors and radio modules. It enables high-quality stepless amplitude dimming and is prepared for DiiA 250, 251, 252 and 253 specification parts. NFC technology also allows a quick and easy adjustment of the output current.

Ready for the future

The new sensor technology is already being used at a sidewalk in Biberstein. Here, the customer’s express wish was to reduce light pollution. If there are no pedestrians, the light is now largely dimmed. However, as soon as a pedestrian uses the path, the lighting will come on completely, providing safety and a feeling of security.

Project partner
Eniwa Strom