Light means quality of life - the biological effects of light

Light can be invigorating, motivating, relaxing or calming. Light can also provide support for medical treatment, promote levels of concentration at work or in schools and also enable passengers on long-distance flights to relax. A wide spectrum of knowledge concerning the biological effects of light has been scientifically verified in studies. This expertise has already been implemented in reality in initial projects.

Current project: Biologically effective light supports athletes of the German Ski Association

Lighting solutions from OSRAM exploit the positive effects, and as part of coordinated lighting design promote concentration, well-being and quality of life

But how does the biological effect of light really work? What are we able to observe as people, and what do lighting designers, architects and engineers have to take into account in the future for lighting design in their own homes, places of work and public buildings? Our online special details the knowledge gained from research, science and projects for increasing our levels of well-being.