Advanced features via App

All BT-Control devices are configurable via the Config App for more flexibility.

The app can be downloaded from the App- and Google Store.All settings can be looked up in the DEMO mode, without the need to connect to a physical device.

The following settings can be adapted via App:

Load / Save a profile

  • Very fast way to adapt the settings to the application
  • Main office application available
  • Save all settings as a custom profile and apply it on multiple rooms

Light regulation / Daylight harvesting (DLHV)

  • Enable / Disable
  • Change Setpoint
  • Enable / Disable switch off when enough daylight is present

Motion detection

  • Enable / Disable
  • Change delay time to adjust between energy saving and comfort
  • Test Mode to check the detection area
  • Standby level to dim down before switching off


  • Enable / disable wireless communication between BT Control devices (Share presence information)
  • Presence signal between up to 20 controllers can be shared in a zone
  • Up to 20 different zones can be created in a room

Additional settings

  • Set control status after power failure
  • Change Min / Max DALI Levels of the connected luminaires
  • Set Min / Max Color Temp. of the connected luminaires
  • Configurable Push button interface with predefined profiles
  • Adjustable PIR inhibit timer to adjust between energy saving and comfort