Basic features (Out of the Box)

Out of the box features are functions that can be used right after connecting the devices and powering them up (No Config App needed)

Basic system (Controller + Luminaire + Push button):

  • Switch and dim the light via direct connected push button
  • Save the switch on light level via double press on the push button
  • Wireless light control with the User App (BT control).
  • Config App access will be blocked after 2h to avoid hacking. 1)

Basic system plus OSRAM DALI Sensor connected:

  • Presence detection enabled automatically (15 min absence timer)
  • Daylight harvesting enabled by double press on the connected push button 2)

1) The access will be enabled for 2h after each power cycle
2) DALI ECO BT RTC light regulation will be started autom. after synchronizing the clock (connecting with the app)