OSRAM – your KNX lighting partner

OSRAM delivers KNX lighting solutions for your needs

Lighting represents one of the largest domains of KNX applications. For your projects, OSRAM offers a variety of solutions.

The DALI Pro light management system with KNX connection

  • Single luminaire, group and scene control even for entire floors.
  • Integrated light control functions such as switching, dimming, presence detection, daylight harvesting and scenes, as well as features for colour temperatures (TW), coloured light (RGB) and dynamic colour changes (e. g. HCL, daylight simulation) – also with real-time clock and via the smartphone / iPad app.
  • A DALI Pro KNX controls up to four DALI channels with up to 64 addresses and up to50 sensors each. To implement larger projects, four devices are combined to a control system via LAN.
  • Group addresses can be freely assigned via the DALI Pro software.