Simple manual lighting control

With our control units, you can intuitively switch and dim DALI luminaires using a rotary knob or push-button control. For Tunable White applications, you can also change the color temperature as required. The devices are ideal for controlling meeting rooms, smaller restaurants or shops. By combining them with all standard switch surfaces, you can adapt them perfectly to the respective interior.


The push-button control unit DALI PCU and the digital rotary dimmer DALI MCU prove a high degree of flexibility and ease of operation in many areas of application. DALI PCU is controlled by pressing the push-button, DALI MCU by turning and pressing the dimmer.

You can control up to 25 luminaires with one device. You can connect up to 4 devices in parallel and synchronize them automatically. This allows you to implement projects with up to 4 control points or up to 100 LED drivers. Rooms with partition walls can also be conveniently controlled: If the partition wall is closed, you can operate both parts of the room independently of each other. When the partition wall is open, the devices synchronize and the entire room can be controlled.

Common features and benefits

  • Intuitive manual dimming and switching
  • Individual adjustment of the minimum brightness level
  • Suitable for up to 25 DALI devices (expandable to up to 100)
  • Up to 4 devices can be connected in parallel for setting up several control points
  • Automatic synchronization between the control points
  • Up to four partial rooms can be realized
  • No commissioning required
  • Single-core interruption of the DALI line with partition closed sufficient
  • Cable length of the DALI control cable: up to 300 m


In conjunction with standard motion detectors, you can achieve a further reduction in power consumption with the push-button control unit.

  • Further energy savings through presence detection, automatic on/off switching by motion detector
  • Manual dimming and switching possible as soon as presence is detected
  • Switching off standby consumption via the motion detector


As an extension to the DALI MCU, you can also use this rotary dimmer to intuitively set the color temperature.

  • Intuitive manual dimming and switching as well as color temperature adjustment (DT8)
  • Individual adjustment of minimum brightness level and color temperature range
  • Up to 4 DALI MCU TW can be connected in parallel for setting up several control points



Project support

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