BackLED AREA G1 – Backlighting large areas evenly and efficiently


26.06.2020 | Products

The ideal solution (not only) for light box depths below 90 mm

In recent years, backlighting large areas in applications such as high-end hospitality, retail or even private homes has become more and more popular. Large backlit areas can be used, for example, to create luminous stretch ceilings for comfortable lighting atmospheres or attractive advertising spaces such as indoor billboards and light boxes. With our new products BackLED AREA G1 900 and the corresponding Tunable White version BackLED AREA G1 900 TW, OSRAM offers you innovative solutions and unprecedented flexibility for your next indoor LED backlighting project – especially if you want to design light boxes with shallow depths between 40 and 90 mm.

Fast and easy installation, uniform illumination
BackLED AREA G1 900 and BackLED AREA G1 900 TW are rigid 24V constant-voltage LED boards which allow easy and time-saving installation and achieve outstanding lighting uniformity results, especially in large and shallow light boxes and luminous stretch ceilings with low depths between 90 and 40 mm. One BackLED AREA G1 needs only seven screws for an entire LED board of 16 finger-bars to be mounted quickly and properly, and up to eight LED boards can be connected in series to ensure maximum effect.

Powerful LED backlighting for almost all shapes and sizes
These rigid LED boards were especially developed for tight installation conditions, where space restrictions require well-thought-out and innovative solutions. In order to fit these rake-like boards into differently shaped light boxes, they can be easily split into four separate working parts with four finger-bars each. If needed, single finger-bars can also be separated from the board with the help of a pair of pliers. And if the shape of your light box requires it, you can even cut off sections of the finger-bars themselves – your BackLED AREA G1 will still work perfectly and provide pure white or tunable white light for your individual application.

Finally, both BackLED AREA G1 900 540x270 and BackLED AREA G1 900 540x270 TW come with a broad offering of high-quality characteristics that you have come to expect from OSRAM – in this case, for example, the benefits range from very good color consistency (<3 SDCM) and CRI >90 to a long service life of 60,000 hours at tc = 55 °C and, of course, 5 years guarantee.

One product to fit almost all depths, shapes and customer requirements! Find out more about our new BackLED AREA G1 rigid LED boards!