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19.01.2021 | Products

Form follows function: BENDABLE steel profile for LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side

Architecture is not always all about straight lines and right angles – quite the contrary: In fact, from the very beginning, there have always been round and curved, concave and convex, cylindrical and spherical shapes here. Just think of very early examples of man-made dwellings, such as igloos or yurts, or of famous historic domed buildings like the Pantheon in Rome. However, prominent examples of round forms cannot only be found in classical buildings of past eras. Their use in the often very rectilinear modern architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries also enjoys undiminished popularity – e. g. from circular staircases to round windows or oval light coves to complete buildings with a round floor plan.

If you are faced with the demanding task of having to showcase complex architectural details such as these, OSRAM is always there to support you with state-of-the art lighting technology and well-thought-out accessories.

Our flexible LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side LED strips, for example, can help you create beautiful visual accents within sophisticated lighting projects. Thanks to their frosted cover, their homogeneous light beautifully traces curved outlines and attractively illuminates certain focus areas.

BENDABLE steel profile helps you get the light where it’s needed
As your reliable lighting partner, we always want to make sure that you have everything you need to do a great job and impress your customers. That’s why we’ve created the BENDABLE steel profile for our LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side LED strips. Engineered with the utmost durability and ease of installation in mind, this profile enables you to attach the LED strips safely and permanently on almost any surface. Due to its special design, it smoothly aligns itself with almost any round or curved surface where you want your LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side LED strips to go.

Even on difficult surfaces such as drywall, the installation of BENDABLE steel profiles is simple, fast and reliable. The metal profile is very slim and thus almost invisible when installed. For a glare-free and stylish lighting effect that matches round or curved architectural forms particularly well, the use of LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side LED strips from OSRAM in combination with our durable BENDABLE steel profiles is the ideal solution.

Areas of application, e. g.:

  • Integration into architecture
  • Cove lighting
  • Curved walls
  • Staircases
  • Handrails
  • Pillars

Learn more about our BENDABLE steel profile for LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Side.