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Brush up on your knowledge: Types of protection (IP codes) in accordance with IEC 60529

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23.11.2020 | Special Topic

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Depending on their potential exposure to foreign objects, electrical devices (e.g. luminaires, LED modules and operational equipment) must comply with a specific type of protection in accordance with IEC 60529. These types of protection are also referred to as IP codes. The IP codes refer only to protection against contact and the penetration of solid foreign objects and dust (marked by the first characteristic numeral of the IP code) and against the damaging ingress of water (marked by the second characteristic numeral of the IP code).

This technical application guide from OSRAM supports you in keeping your knowledge up to date. The contents of the updated edition have been supplemented, revised and visually redesigned.

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The application guide provides general information about types of protection and explains how to protect electrical equipment against foreign bodies and water. You will learn more about different external influences and their impact on electrical devices – such as rainwater, dirt, gases and contamination from birds or insects. In addition, you will obtain practical information and tips about electrical connections. This specialist knowledge will prove very helpful to you in selecting the most suitable OSRAM products depending on your individual application.

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