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Clever, smart and brilliant: Zigbee luminaires

Light Management Systems (LMS)

07.02.2020 | Products

Upgrade for your DALI luminaires – Smart Home feature with the Zigbee-DALI converter

Smart Home applications are already part of the standard equipment of many new private homes, apartment houses, and also office buildings. This means that the entire HVACR technology – including, for example, heating, air conditioning, household appliances and lighting – can be controlled via smartphone or digital language assistants. With Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI, the Zigbee-DALI converter from OSRAM, it’s now really easy to connect conventional DALI luminaires to Smart Home control systems. But the new options provided by Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI are not only of relevance to end users: This innovative technology is also greatly beneficial to OEMs and installers.

New opportunities to generate additional business
For luminaire manufacturers: Using the Zigbee-DALI converter, every DALI luminaire can be prepared for Zigbee in no time at all. This makes it very easy to extend the existing DALI luminaire portfolio by the corresponding Zigbee versions. And that's by far not all: Installers mainly benefit from the fact that the converter can also be installed independently. New or existing DALI-based lighting solutions can thus be seamlessly integrated into a Smart Home, for example for language and app control. So this is also an option for later updates.

You’d like to find out more about how to upgrade DALI luminaires? Then download the new Zigbee brochure now – keeping up to date is always important.