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Compact and ready for the IoT: OTi DALI NFC

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06.12.2019 | Products

Combined with PrevaLED COIN, lighting systems become powerful, cost-efficient and smart

Benefit from operating your luminaire system smartly and rely on the OTi DALI NFC product family. Our compact SELV LED drivers with 15, 25, 35 and 50 W enable you to enjoy all the advantages of a future-proof lighting installation. Programmable via DALI and NFC, these drivers make a wealth of luminaire information and monitoring data available in accordance with the DiiA specifications Parts -251, -252 and -253. You can thus integrate them into your building automation environment – and make use of extensive options for predictive maintenance, diagnostics and energy efficiency optimization.

Programmable via NFC in no time at all, many extras on board
Thanks to their large operating range, they can be conveniently adapted and support various attractive features such as CLO, Soft-Switch-Off, and Dim-to-Dark. The result: high lighting quality due to a low ripple current, perfect amplitude dimming down to 1 % and an extended service life. In addition, the optional strain relief mechanism facilitates independent installation and through looping.

Simple upgrade for brilliant spotlighting
Just combine OTi DALI NFC and PrevaLED COIN LED modules to transform conventional luminaires into highly efficient, cutting-edge systems in the blink of an eye. Featuring classic form factors, the modules represent an optimal upgrade for conventional MR16 and AR111 luminaires – in shops and department stores, and also in offices and hospitality environments. Furthermore, they are easy to install and stand out due to their excellent lighting quality and efficiency.

Make your lighting systems fit for the digital age!