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22.07.2019 | Products

New PrevaLED Linear G6 LED module with OTI DALI 25/35/75 D NFC F L LED driver

The new PrevaLED Linear G6 high-performance LED modules and the new, just 16 mm high OTI DALI 25/35/75 D NFC F L LED drivers are all you need to quickly design high-end LED system solutions which perfectly illuminate areas of any kind and size.

Top performance
PrevaLED Linear G6 is already the 6th generation of PrevaLED Linear LED modules. The latest version of this product range stands out due to its very large number of lumen packages, light colors and lengths, as well as various options in terms of color rendering CRI > 80 or even > 90. It is thus the top performer for challenging lighting projects, for example in office areas or sensitive production facilities.

Extra-large performance spectrum
Our latest addition to the product family: The short ¼ FT or 70 mm long LED modules are ideal for directing the light the outermost edge. This module family represents our most versatile LED portfolio so far. The system – PrevaLED Linear G6 und OTi DALI … 25/35/75 D NFC F L – stands out due to its 0.1...100 % DALI dimming range (amplitude and/or PWM dimming selectable via software) and its extra-wide operating window of up to 500 mA. In addition, it enables fully digital programming via DALI and NFC.

Clever light management
OSRAM provides various light management solutions. From single applications up to lighting control: With DALI ACU BT, DALI ECO BT or DALI PRO, your luminaires equipped with PrevaLED Linear G6 LED modules become smart – and can enjoy all the benefits of powerful light management.

The high quality and reliability of our lighting systems is also reflected in our guarantees: OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee and a 5-year single-component guarantee.

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Versatility at its best: Discover the new PrevaLED Linear G6 LED module now!