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Cost-efficient packages for switchable luminaires

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24.10.2019 | Products

Unleashing their full power when operated in a system: OT FIT NFC SELV and PrevaLED Linear G6 or G5 LED drivers

Switchable systems which are also flexible – with the new OT FIT NFC SELV driver family, you rely on a powerful and cost-efficient solution. The slim LED drivers are highly efficient – and thanks to their large operating area of up to 1,400 mA, they are the perfect choice for various areas of application. Programming via NFC ensures particularly fast and efficient configuration. In addition, the CLO (Constant Lumen Output) function provides a constant lumen output and helps you save even more energy while at the same time extending service life. And last but not least, the drivers are suitable for emergency lighting (EL), ensuring that they fulfill essential criteria for demanding requirements.

Versatile systems, superior quality
Thanks to the large number of variants, top-quality 5th- or 6th-generation PrevaLED Linear modules are simply ideal for enhancing an installation in terms of lighting quality and variability. The G6 and G5 product families stand out due to their particularly versatile LED portfolio – with a large choice of different lengths, luminous flux values, color temperatures and excellent color rendering (CRI > 90 (G6) or CRI > 80). With superior lighting quality and efficiency, this variety of options provides great freedom for cost-efficient project design.

OSRAM grants a 7-year system guarantee and a 5-year single-component guarantee. For more detailed information on our guarantee conditions, refer to

Develop lighting systems for switchable applications – cost-efficient, flexible and powerful.

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Product name

EAN 10

Nominal current range

Nominal voltage

Nominal frequency

OT FIT 25/220-240/500 NFC L4062172064040 100 – 500 mA220 – 240V0/50/60 Hz
OT FIT 35/220-240/700 NFC L4062172064026 200 – 700 mA220 – 240V0/50/60 Hz
OT FIT 55/220-240/1A0 NFC L4062172064002 400 – 1050 mA220 – 240V0/50/60 Hz
OT FIT 75/220-240/1A4 NFC L4062172063982 600 – 1400 mA220 – 240V0/50/60 Hz