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Create Tunable White and Human Centric Lighting with OSRAM

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24.04.2019 | Products

Get started with Human Centric Lighting – it’s easy

The OTi DALI 35 TW and OTi DALI 75 TW constant-current drivers provide the basis for dynamic Tunable White LED systems, enabling biologically effective lighting solutions. The versatile DALI window drivers are particularly flexible: as DT8 drivers with a DALI address and also as 1- or 2-channel drivers in DT6 mode. Tunable White solutions are typically used in offices, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, as well as for various industrial purposes. Typical applications include linear lighting solutions for offices, educational institutions, industrial facilities and retail stores, but integration into emergency lighting systems is also possible.

The TW LED drivers can be programmed via DALI or NFC using the Tuner4TRONIC software. To achieve high color accuracy and superior homogeneity between luminaires, various LED parameters may be defined in the Tuner4Tronic software.
The current Tuner4TRONIC v3.9 version also supports the configuration of Touch DIM TW (2 channels) for the TW LED drivers. This function enables manual switching, dimming, as well as defining the light color and brightness via two pushbuttons (without the need to use an additional controller).

The perfect Tunable White system

The TW LED drivers achieve highest performance when combined in a system with OSRAM PrevaLED Linear Tunable White LED modules. This module data is already stored in the Tuner4TRONIC software, ensuring optimal color accuracy and homogeneity. The DALI MCU TW and DALI ECO BT RTC control units are simply ideal for light management.

Mounted into flush boxes, the DALI MCU TW enables intuitive manual dimming, switching and color temperature definition, as well as adapting the lower brightness level and color temperature range to individual requirements. The DALI ECO BT RTC with integrated real-time clock and Bluetooth interface is the perfect choice for time-of-day- and weekday-dependent lighting control via a smartphone and pushbutton.

Create dynamic lighting with a perfectly matched system from OSRAM!