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17.05.2019 | Products

OTi DALI 210/24 DIM 1-4 CH P 4-channel driver with AstroDIM for autonomous dimming

The rugged 4-channel constant-current driver OTi DALI 210/24 DIM 1-4 CH P stands out due to its versatility for use in a large variety of outdoor applications – including the illumination of facades and buildings e.g. in RGBW combinations.

Thanks to its particularly weather-resistant housing (protection rating IP66 / IP67), the driver ensures maximum availability in continuous operation. Its high power and special design are ideal for use with long installation cables of up to 50 meters in length – enabling the implementation of large projects. And last, but not least: The fact that a smaller number of drivers is required also represents a major advantage.

Since the four channels are grouped on two cables, the LED load can be distributed asymmetrically as required. Thanks to the simple channel configuration without the need for additional tools, OTi DALI 210/24 DIM 1-4 CH P is suitable for a large variety of applications: 1-channel operation with a total load of 210 W on one channel, dynamic white light or two-color effect with two channels, color mix with three channels, and also RGBW applications as a 4-channel driver. The AstroDIM function allows the lighting to be automatically adjusted depending on the time of day and the season of the year, thus also reducing light pollution. This means that no additional control unit is required to define the dimming profile. To efficiently illuminate outdoor areas, the internal timer controls the night-time reduction (night setback). The light is dimmed smoothly, and the transition between dimming levels is almost invisible. Based on the DALI-2 standard, the driver is compatible with a large number of LED modules and sensors when combined with control units such as DALI PROFESSIONAL.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • IP66/IP67 with encapsulation for maximum availability and ruggedness
  • 6 kV (L-N) and 8 kV (L/N-PE) overvoltage protection
  • AstroDIM function for autonomous dimming (predefined automatic dimming profile)
  • Simple configuration of the four channels without the use of tools

Create powerful outdoor installations with maximum efficiency!

Available from summer 2019.