DEXAL LED driver for smartly connected lighting systems

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19.11.2019 | Products

Get ready for the IoT – with smartly connected luminaires and linear LED modules

The newcomer to the DEXAL driver family: the compact LED driver OTI DX 50/220-240/1A4 NFC (SELV)

  • Versatile DALI window driver thanks to its flexible output characteristic
  • Integrated DEXAL bus power supply for sensors and RF modules
  • Prepared for DiiA specification parts -250, -251, -252 and -253
  • Simple and fast output current setting via NFC
  • High-quality dimming in the 1…100 % range thanks to amplitude dimming

On your path towards digitalization, rely on future-proof systems that provide you with the necessary freedom to set up wireless installations with fulfill your individual requirements.

With our DEXAL OTi DX LED driver families for indoor and outdoor applications, you are well prepared for the future. DEXAL LED drivers offer you top performance and all you need to design future-proof luminaires – simply ideal for all applications requiring high flexibility and reliable data evaluation. The radio-based technology enables the set-up of close-meshed networks which can also be conveniently implemented in existing lighting installations without major intervention into the building structure.

For all use cases: industry, SELV and non-isolated
The dimmable DEXAL drivers can be combined with a large selection of PrevaLED Linear LED modules to form particularly powerful and durable high-quality systems. Combined with PrevaLED Linear IND and Brick LED modules, the OTi DX IND LED drivers unleash their full performance in industrial facilities with often challenging environmental conditions. And thanks to the NFC interface, various module combinations and operating currents can be programmed quickly and conveniently via the Tuner4TRONIC software. In addition, the extra-low ripple current enables the safe operation of machines or scanners. The versatile drivers stand out due to their flexible output characteristic and come with an integrated DEXAL bus supply for sensors and RF modules. Here too, the output currents can be set quickly and conveniently via DALI or NFC. The drivers can be seamlessly combined with the G3, G5 or G6 PrevaLED Linear LED modules to form highly efficient and cost-effective systems – boasting superior lighting quality, reliability and flexibility of application.

Data for optimized building utilization
Via the DEXAL interface, the LED drivers enable the smooth interlinkage of luminaires with building management systems and the set-up of a smart luminaire infrastructure with integrated sensors and RF modules. Our product families provide access to a wealth of luminaire information and monitoring data in accordance with the DiiA standards Parts -251, -252 and -253. You can evaluate this huge volume in real time in order to obtain valuable information on operating hours and energy consumption, as well as diagnostic data. This allows you to analyze your system at any time, optimize your energy balance, and proactively schedule maintenance deployments.

Take the easy way to digitalization: with DEXAL LED drivers!