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DISC – Versatile LED modules for downlights


23.07.2018 | Products

The new PrevaLED Disc and Basic Disc LED modules are simply ideal to implement flexible lighting systems for office and retail applications. Thanks to their smart design, both product families provide new design options and also enable the convenient upgrade of existing luminaires. Benefit from a large number of lumen packages and find the perfect system for your projects.

PrevaLED Disc: High efficiency
PrevaLED Disc LED modules combine extra-high efficiency with controlled peak brightness for sophisticated downlight designs. The ideal solution for applications requiring low glare and high lighting comfort.
Excellent performance and top quality

Basic Disc: Cost-efficient
Basic Disc LED modules are the ideal solution for downlights with excellent performance at an attractive price. Avoiding high luminance levels, Basic Disc LED modules stand out due to outstanding anti-glare characteristics of the luminaire and excellent lighting comfort for applications.
Cost-efficient solutions in perfect lighting quality

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