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Even better preconditions for TW and HCL applications

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24.09.2020 | Products

Seamless interaction between linear LED modules and drivers – define the light color of your choice

Linear LED lighting systems from OSRAM have already stood the test of time for many years – in the education sector, in industry, and also in offices, hospitals and retirement homes, etc. We have now equipped our components with state-of-the-art TW and HCL technology that can help you to achieve top results – wherever the focus is on maximum lighting comfort and an ergonomic, safe working environment. The light can be smoothly adapted to specific working parameters and the requirements of e.g. employees, school and university students, teachers, doctors, nursing personnel and patients.

Versatile and new application options
Based on premium quality, versatility and reliability, the systems we offered so far already enabled Human Centric Lighting solutions. But now we are even extending this huge range of capabilities – with cutting-edge solutions for SELV applications, plus the second generation of our linear LED modules.

New LED modules: PrevaLED Linear Tunable White Generation 2
What was already very good has now become even better. To allow you to benefit from an even larger spectrum of possibilities for Tunable White and Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications, we have now optimized our perfectly matched system of linear LED modules and linear LED drivers even further. Until today, this was only possible with luminaires based on non-isolated drivers – but from now on, our OTi DALI Linear 35 and 75 W TW are also available as SELV variants. Not only does the new Generation 2 of our PrevaLED Linear TW LED modules come with increased efficiency, it also has a considerably extended service life. The incorporated OS 2835 LEDs are 100 % ‘Made by OSRAM’, ensuring a particularly homogeneous distribution of light without shadows. And the icing on the cake: not only with color rendering of CRI > 80, but also CRI > 90. You can thus enjoy virtually unlimited versatility for innumerable applications. Just see for yourself.

New constant current driver family: OTi DALI 35/75 TW
Together with our new LED modules, we have introduced new LED drivers which boast the same level of quality and functionality. Our new OTi DALI 35/75 TW constant-current driver range comes with a large number of outstanding features and benefits that satisfy the demand for linear SELV drivers for TW and HCL applications, including:

  • DT8 or 1/2 x DT6 functionality in the same housing for use as TW or two separate channels, for example for direct/indirect lighting
  • DALI-2-, DT8- and -209-certified
  • TW Touch DIM – extension of the well-known Touch DIM functionality for dimming and color temperature adjustment without an additional light management system
  • Quick digital programming via DALI and NFC (wireless interface)
  • Analog and/or PWM dimming configurable via Tuner4TRONIC
  • Perfect lighting quality due to a low ripple current ≤1 %
  • Excellent TW lighting quality, high color temperature precision thanks to Tuner4TRONIC programming
  • Suitable for emergency lighting
  • Service life of up to 50,000 at tc max = 75 °C
  • System guarantee of up to 7 years

Learn more about our perfectly matched system consisting of OTi DALI 35/75 Linear SELV and PrevaLED Linear TW G2.