Homogeneous light lines as a recipe for success: Find out about the benefits of our new flexible LED strips LINEARlight Flex Uniformity


28.10.2020 | Products

Light lines in top quality without visible light points

Light perfectly underscores the esthetic characteristics and distinctive features of architectural structures – and the right illumination significantly enhances a building’s atmosphere and the quality of life of its residents. Visual effects, created with linear light, add an additional visual dimension which subtly highlights magnificent architectural details. Experience an unprecedented level of diffuse light and dimming performance - with LINEARlight Flex Uniformity from OSRAM, made in Europe, Italy.

The new series is the perfect choice for harmonious indoor and outdoor designs and artistically emphasizes shapes and geometries in order to bring out the special charm of architecture. Arranged in sequence these cutting-edge LED strips ensure seamless transitions in multiple contexts and applications.

LED modules can be integrated conveniently even into flat profiles in order to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas homogeneously and without visible light points. In retail shops, offices, hospitality, museums and various other settings: Even in environments requiring dimmed light, you can rely on the superior quality and durability of LINEARlight Flex Uniformity – with a guarantee included. Combined with OPTOTRONIC LED drivers, these new LED strips form a system which has been specially designed and tested by OSRAM. This ensures that LEDs can function reliably at all times – thanks to the new Safe Dimming Technology, the LEDs work safely even under difficult conditions, such as the continuous high-frequency on/off cycles that are the basis of PWM Dimming.

When color consistency meets homogeneous light

The strips with 140 LEDs per meter have been designed for demanding lighting environments. The light is homogeneous and the human eye does not perceive individual light points. The product range offers excellent color consistency with a standard deviation of less than 2 (SDCM). Its flexible usability is a key criterion for lighting planners and designers alike, enabling them to create stylish environments where people feel comfortable in.

In addition to various luminous flux packages (800, 1200 and 2000 lm/m), light colors in the 2200 to 8000 K range are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. The robust IP66 and IP67 versions are fully sealed and filled with crystalline silicon in optical quality.

The LINEARlight FLEX Uniformity product range fulfills safety requirements with flying colors and does not pose any photobiological risk (RG0). Other major criteria include a long service life of up to 60,000 hours (L90B10), as well as excellent ESD protection and protection against accidental miswiring. Therefore, these LED strips are simply ideal for creating powerful, sustainable lighting installations with the utmost user friendliness and efficiency.