Flat and flexible LED driver for your office projects

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16.05.2019 | Products

Perfectly equipped for the future – with the new, non-isolated OTi DALI 25/35/75 D NFC F L drivers

The new, just 16 mm high OTi DALI 25/35/75 D NFC F L LED drivers are simply ideal for developing innovative luminaire designs which seamlessly integrate into the structure of your room. These particularly flat drivers can be perfectly incorporated into pendant, surface-mounted, recessed, and also standing luminaires, and support user-friendly programming via NFC.

The slim PrevaLED Linear LED module provides versatile luminaire design options: Create homogeneous lighting systems with premium lighting quality and greatly reduced dimensions, and configure them conveniently via NFC or DALI depending on individual project requirements.

Benefit from valuable advantages such as the Corridor Function, TouchDIM, and Constant Lumen Output (CLO). Luminaire information and diagnostic data is transmitted based on the DiiA specifications 251, 252 and 253, significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Choose from the various options we offer you for the control of pendant, surface-mounted, recessed, and also standing luminaires. Whether for single applications or for the control of entire buildings: Thanks to DALI ECO BT or DALI PRO, your luminaires become smart and can be integrated into a powerful light management system.

  • Current ripple less than 1 %, 1…100 % DALI dimmable, AM or PWM dimming selectable via the Tuner4TRONIC software
  • High efficiency of up to 92 %
  • Lifetime: up to 100,000 h (temperature at Tc = 65 °C, max. failure rate: 10 %)

Design elegant office concepts with our extra-flat LED drivers!