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26.03.2019 | Products

Fit for the future – the new OTi DALI NFC F L LED driver family

LED drivers from the OTi DALI NFC F L product family are the perfect choice to prepare lighting installations for future requirements. They are ideal for smart applications, because luminaire information and monitoring data, such as energy consumption, operating condition, operating hours and operating temperature, can be read out and used for analysis. With a low height of only 16 mm and a large operating window of up to 500 mA, the non-isolated drivers ensure maximum flexibility. Available in 25, 35 and 75 watts, they feature extra-high efficiency of up to 94 % along with extra-low standby consumption. Thanks to NFC, programming is user-friendly and can be carried out in no time at all. The low current ripple provides excellent quality of light. Furthermore, the dimming method (analog or PWM) can be selected via the Tuner4TRONIC software. Luminaire and monitoring data in accordance with the DiiA specifications, Parts 251, 252 and 253, enable the smart use and optimization of driver data in light and building management systems.

The OTi DALI NFC F L drivers are perfectly matched to the LED modules of the PrevaLED Linear G4 and PrevaLED Linear G4-P families. Combined, they offer an ideal solution for luminaires where quality of light, efficiency, versatility and flexibility play a major role.

Products benefits

  • Flat housing, only 16 mm high, for innovative luminaire design
  • AM or PWM dimming (selectable via Tuner4TRONIC)
  • Luminaire and monitoring data in accordance with DiiA specifications, Parts 251, 252 and 253
  • Large operating window: 35 – 300 mA (25 W), 75 – 400 mA (35 W), 120 – 500 mA (75 W)
  • Extra-high efficiency of up to 94 % (75 W)
  • Low standby consumption < 0.15 W
  • Digitally programmable via DALI and NFC
  • DALI-2-certified
  • Linear lighting solutions for offices and educational institutions
  • Pendant luminaires, surface-mounted luminaires, recessed luminaires, insert luminaires, trunking systems

Enjoy the benefits of the highly flexible new driver family OTi DALI NFC F L.

Available from April 2019 onwards.

Product name

EAN 10

Input voltage (V)

Output voltage (V)

Output current (mA)

Output power (W)

tc max (°C)

Lifetime (h)

OTI DALI 25/220-240/300 D NFC F L4062172020749220 – 24054 – 24035 – 300257550’000
OTI DALI 35/220-240/400 D NFC F L4062172020763220 – 24054 – 24075 – 400357550’000
OTi DALI 75/220-240/500 D NFC F L4062172020787220 – 24054 – 240120 – 500757550’000