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25.10.2019 | Products

PrevaLED Flat AC DALI 4000/5000 LED Light Engines: An all-around success

PrevaLED Flat AC DALI 4000/5000 is the perfect choice for all those who want to fulfill today’s challenging requirements for the lighting of large rooms while at the same time setting esthetic highlights. This cutting-edge LED Light Engine was specifically developed for integration into large, circular and flat ceiling luminaires featuring homogeneous light distribution. They are therefore ideal for use in offices, conference and training rooms, as well as in retirement homes or hospitals – in short: wherever extensive lighting must be combined with high flexibility in terms of adjustable lighting levels.

For these kinds of applications, it is essential that ceiling luminaires perfectly illuminate rooms without glare for room users, while at the same time matching the style of both state-of-the-art and classic interior architecture. PrevaLED Flat AC DALI 4000/5000 is simply ideal for fulfilling all these requirements. But it has even more to offer…

New features for enhanced flexibility
When it comes to circular ceiling luminaires, there is a clear trend in line with the motto: “the bigger, the better”. Therefore, the new PrevaLED Flat AC DALI 4000/5000 was specifically designed for use in luminaires featuring a large diameter. In addition, the luminous flux package can be conveniently defined via the Tuner4TRONIC (T4T) software in order to adapt the lighting level to individual architectural conditions and project requirements, for example in terms of glare control. The dimmable DALI version (1 – 100 % dimming range) also provides some other major benefits: a Touch DIM function, a corridor function as well as convenient monitoring and operation via the SMART GRID function.

Enjoy the benefits of the PrevaLED Flat AC DALI for large, circular ceiling luminaires!

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More about the PrevaLED Flat AC family

Product name

EAN 10


Luminous flux
Factory setting

Luminous flux
Max. rated setting

PL-FLAT-AC-DA-G3 4000-830 230V4052899605626335 mm3300 lm4000 lm
PL-FLAT-AC-DA-G3 4000-840 230V 4052899605640335 mm3300 lm4000 lm
PL-FLAT-AC-DA-G3 5000-830 230V 4052899605664415 mm4000 lm5000 lm
PL-FLAT-AC-DA-G3 5000-840 230V 4052899605688415 mm4000 lm5000 lm