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Glare-free lighting with 3x11 optics


23.01.2019 | Products

Provide optimal lighting and reduce your energy costs

PrevaLED Bar G3 LED modules are simply ideal for trunking rail systems in industrial and retail environments. The LED module is compatible with 3x11 optics available in various beam angles. The light is thus directed to the right spot – wherever required.

The 3-row LED arrangement reduces glare and provides for homogeneous illumination. Energy-efficient and durable low-maintenance lighting is particularly essential for industrial applications. The light color of the module can be selected to meet individual requirements.

Combine PrevaLED Bar G3 for example with the innovative OT FIT 35/75 NFC LED drivers. The efficient and flexible system combination with NFC interface provides a wide operating range of 75 to 550 mA. This flexible and reliable solution for energy-saving lighting is ideal for integration into emergency lighting installations, ensures high lighting quality thanks to <1 % output ripple current and can be used in protection class I luminaires.

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