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HubSense – Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) for efficient lighting

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23.09.2020 | Products

New HubSense sensors: QBM 220-240 LS/PD CI and QBM 220-240 LS/PD HB CI

Within modern lighting systems, sensors play an increasingly important role. In certain application areas – such as office, retail, hospitality, education and industry, for example – they help save considerable amounts of energy and therefore also a fair share of energy costs by switching the light off or dimming it down when it is not immediately needed.

Sensors are also a crucial element within the new HubSense system from OSRAM, which is based on the qualified Bluetooth mesh technology (QBM). QBM enables wireless communication between devices from different manufacturers and provides the basis for scalable and flexible lighting control solutions. Among its benefits are robust and secure data transmission and very high energy efficiency. Moreover, QBM technology also provides an easy familiarization level for end users, since the Bluetooth functionality is already integrated into virtually every mobile phone.

As an innovative wireless lighting control solution, the HubSense system from OSRAM is especially suitable for office retrofitting projects, where installation time is of the essence and disturbances during official working hours need to be kept to a minimum. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no need for rewiring during installation and that the wireless commissioning process is very fast and easy. With HubSense, offices – but also classrooms, shops, restaurants and hotels, and even industrial halls – can therefore be retrofitted easily, quickly and with a high level of efficiency in mind.

QBM 220-240 LS/PD CI
OSRAM is now introducing two new sensors, both of which are fully compatible with QBM technology and therefore perfect for integration into HubSense system installations. The first one is our new QBM 220-240 LS/PD CI, which is especially suitable for application in offices, but also in the areas of education, hospitality and retail.
In order to make artificial lighting more efficient and less costly, these sensors can, for example, be installed in open-plan and individual offices, corridors, stairways or conference rooms. It is possible to cover a detection area of 30m2 and installing it up heigh up to 4m, however, they are also suitable for a broad range of other application areas, such as hotel rooms, classrooms, toilets, storage areas and break rooms.

QBM 220-240 LS/PD HB CI
Our second HubSense sensor is the new QBM 220-240 LS/PD HB CI. The acronym “HB” in its name stands for “high-bay”, which means that it is especially suitable for areas of application with high installation heights – such as high-bay warehouses, production halls or logistics centers, as well as high entrance halls.

Features and benefits (of both sensors)

  • Integrated ambient light sensor enables daylight harvesting
  • Presence detection via passive IR element
  • Motion detection
  • Fast and easy commissioning via Web or mobile app
  • Shutter included to optimize sensor detection
  • Simplified mounting for flush boxes
  • Suitable for up to eight DALI-2 LED drivers (Part -207) in broadcast mode
  • Suitable for up to eight OSRAM DALI LED drivers (Part -207) in broadcast mode
  • Qualified Bluetooth mesh enabled by Silvair

Use our QBM 220-240 LS/PD CM KIT for safe mounting
As an accessory for the safe mounting of our new mains-powered QBM sensors, the QBM 220-240 LS/PD CM KIT enables surface mounting as well as flush mounting, e.g. in recessed ceilings. For surface mounting, the package includes a surface mounting box. And for flush mounting, installers can use the included recessed ceiling spring clips. The new QBM 220-240 LS/PD CM KIT is suitable for mounting both QBM 220-240 LS/PD CI and QBM 220-240 LS/PD HB CI.