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Intelligent data usage for spotlights and downlights

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09.03.2020 | Products

The compact OTi DALI NFC S LED drivers make shops and offices fit for the IoT

The usage of luminaire data, along with superior lighting quality and user-friendly programming, generates noticeable added value for efficient infrastructure. Equipped with the highly compact OTi DALI NFC S (with 20, 30 and 40 W), modern office buildings, shops or restaurants are perfectly prepared to benefit from all the many advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT). This efficient product range combines flexibility, performance and simplicity – ideal for elegant, compact spotlights and downlights.

Setting up sustainable infrastructure
OTi DALI NFC S LED drivers can be conveniently programmed via NFC – and considering their wide operating range, they are the perfect choice for innumerable applications. Furthermore, the large volume of luminaire and operating data that these cutting-edge drivers make available enables the comprehensive, step-by-step optimization of lighting installations. With highly useful features such as CLO, Soft Switch Off and Dim to Dark, they support the system operator in reducing the energy consumption of the entire installation. And they have even more to offer: The diagnostic data they provide help to detect any weak points in the system at an early stage, enabling major savings in terms of both maintenance time and resources. Thanks to luminaire information and monitoring data in compliance with the DiiA standards, Parts -251, -252 and -253, the lighting installation can be connected to the building automation system – and is thus ready for the IoT.

All in one – combining performance, lighting quality and efficiency
Regardless of the application: In addition to minimum maintenance effort, superior lighting quality is always a key factor. Here, the OTi DALI NFC S drivers stand out thanks to their long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, low output ripple current and excellent amplitude dimming. In addition, the drivers are suitable for emergency lighting installations.

Get your spotlights and downlights fit for intelligent data usage!