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IoT for industry – predictive DEXAL drivers

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20.09.2019 | Products

Fit for the future: flexible control systems thanks to data usage with OTi DX IND 100/150

Your lighting system could do so much more: With our smart DEXAL drivers, your lighting becomes intelligent. DEXAL is a radio-based intra-luminaire interface that enables bidirectional communication between the LED driver and the component (e.g. a sensor or a beacon). Whether in a new or an existing lighting installation, DEXAL can be installed without extensive intervention into the building structure.
With the DEXAL interface, your luminaires can also be connected to light and building management systems. They can thus operate as smart nodes in an interconnected management system and become major elements for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data providing real added value – with little effort
The OTi DX IND 100 and 150 product families enable you to access to a wealth of luminaire information and monitoring data in accordance with the DiiA standards Parts -251, -252 and -253. This means that you have a large volume of useful data at your disposal, providing real added value. Benefit from real-time evaluations, including valuable information on operating hours, energy consumption and diagnostic data. Consequently, you can analyze your system at any time, optimize your energy balance, and proactively plan maintenance deployments.

Durable lighting systems for industrial use
Combined with PrevaLED Linear IND and Brick, these LED drivers unleash their full performance in industrial facilities with often challenging environmental conditions. In production halls or warehouses, these LED modules are mainly used in linear lighting systems, such as track systems, highbay and batten luminaires. With the NFC interface, various module combinations and operating currents can be programmed with the Tuner4TRONIC software –with ease and in no time at all. Thanks to their long service life, high efficiency and high surge protection, the new OTi DX 100 and 150 W drivers are the perfect choice for challenging industrial installations. And configuration is very simple. The very low ripple current in the high-frequency range ensures that the lighting does not disturb machines or scanners.

The superior reliability of the components is also reflected in our guarantees: OSRAM grants an 8-year product guarantee, with a system guarantee period of 10 years. For more detailed information on guarantee conditions, refer to

Advantages of OTi DX IND 100/150

  • Wide operating window of up to 700 mA/850 mA
  • NFC and LEDset interface
  • Integration of the DiiA standards Parts -250, -251, -252, and -253
  • Selectable AM/PWM dimming
  • Extra-low current ripple: ≤ 1 %
  • Very high efficiency of up to 93 %
  • Lifetime of up to 100,000 h

Take your industry luminaires to the next level!

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Data sheet: OTi DX 100/220-240/700 D NFC IND L Data sheet: OTi DX 150/220-240/850 D NFC IND L

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OTI DX 100/220-240/700 D NFC IND L4062172050883
OTI DX 150/220-240/850 D NFC IND L4062172050920