KIT PrevaLED COIN 50 COB G2 – picked, installed, ready to go!


28.07.2020 | Products

The faster way to retrofit obsolete downlights to LED technology

Benefit from the advantages that so-called spotlights or downlights can offer you to specially illuminate and highlight certain spaces or objects – the perfect choice even for challenging applications, for example in shops, galleries, museums, hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, we all know that those halogen downlights or HCI reflector lamps which were considered to be ideal lighting solutions a few years ago are nowadays technically obsolete. In many places they have already been replaced by state-of-the-art, considerably more efficient LED solutions – such as PrevaLED COIN 50 from OSRAM. This high-quality product is now also available as a ready-to-install kit including an LED driver and a mounting ring.

The practical PrevaLED COIN 50 COB G2 KIT from OSRAM provides everything you need to retrofit obsolete spotlights and downlights to LED in just the blink of an eye. And since the form factor is absolutely identical, no on-site changes are required.

Speedy installation, stylish look
In addition to the heat sink for the LED and the high-quality lens optics, the PrevaLED COIN 50 COB G2 KIT includes a powerful OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED driver ( OT FIT 18/220-240/450 CS PC or OTi DALI 15/220-240/1A0 LT2 DIM), a matching electronic control gear, as well as a matt white mounting ring with an easy-to-use snap-fit mechanism enabling the speedy, hassle-free incorporation of the LED downlight into e.g. a suspended ceiling. Thanks to the integrated snap-fit mechanism, the light can still be directed to the desired objects or spaces once the complete light engine has been installed. Furthermore, the mounting ring stands out due to its purist, unobtrusive look which places the focus on the light itself rather than on the luminaire. In a nutshell: This is both a quick and versatile solution for all those who want to rely on LED downlights to implement state-of-the-art lighting.

  • Further benefits
  • Excellent lighting quality
  • Leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimming or dimming via DALI (depending on the variant)
  • The recessed light source and premium-quality optics ensure low-glare lighting
  • Standard ceiling cutout (68...70 mm)
  • 7-year guarantee

You’re on the lookout for a quick and efficient replacement for traditional downlights? Learn more about the new PrevaLED COIN 50 KIT from OSRAM today already!