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Larger selection of light colors for even more applications: PrevaLED BRICK HP LED modules


27.10.2020 | Products

Top performance for street and outdoor lighting
Whether in street, outdoor or industrial lighting: There is an increasing trend towards using different color temperatures in state-of-the-art lighting applications. To meet this requirement in today’s world, the PrevaLED BRICK HP family of LED modules now offers an even larger color spectrum of white light. In addition, the new high-performance modules provide the perfect combination of greater brightness and even more performance.

Higher luminous efficacy meets greater brightness
The improved performance is also reflected in increased luminous efficacy. With up to 186 lm/W the robust modules stand out due to increased luminous flux, thus enabling more brightness with the same energy consumption. Combined with the OPTOTRONIC Outdoor drivers, the highly robust and durable PrevaLED BRICK HP LED modules make a perfectly matched system – the ideal choice even for demanding street and outdoor lighting applications.

Large selection of light colors
Another major plus point of this product family: its extended spectrum of light colors. In addition to the 3000 K and 4000 K color temperatures, 2200 K, 2700 K and 5700 K versions are now also available. From warm to cool white, users thus benefit from a large color spectrum and can select the perfect color temperature depending on their specific requirements. Thanks to being compatible with optics from third-party manufacturers such as LEDIL, these cutting-edge LED modules suit a really large spectrum of applications. As another important feature, the NTC thermistor on the top side of the LED modules serves for temperature monitoring and control.

More detailed information in the product data sheet
Within the scope of the update of the product family, OSRAM has added valuable information to the data sheet which is of interest to many customers. For example, the NTC and connector types used are also indicated. In addition, the data sheet now includes further connection instructions in order to simplify the installation of the modules.

More performance, more flexibility – upgrade your outdoor lighting to the latest state of the art!