Learning from the professionals – the new application guide for backlighting systems

Type: General information, Technical information, New products

27.11.2017 | LED Technology

Homogeneous brightness levels for advertisements and logos that attract attention

In our new technical application guide on BackLED Plus/Basic and BoxLED Plus we show you how easy it can be to form flexible LED chains for the homogeneous backlighting of light boxes and profile lettering of all shapes and sizes. The huge variety of colors, as well as homogeneous backlighting, are major advantages of our BoxLED and BackLED modules. They are the perfect choice to achieve brilliant shades of white.

LED backlighting for luminous ceilings is another application which is constantly gaining in importance. These ceilings provide a pleasant atmosphere and the right light setting in rooms.

Get the right answers to your questions on the design and installation of backlighting systems that are in great demand nowadays:

  • Product overview
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Application overviews for BackLED Plus/Basic G15
  • Application overviews for BoxLED/Plus G15
  • Thermal characteristics
  • LED deSIGNer: planning an all-in-one package