Light is a matter of adjustment, today more than ever

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08.02.2021 | Products

OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH D – innovative 4-channel dimming technology for indoor applications
Well tought-out and targeted lighting design plays a major role in modern public and business buildings. Whether in hospitality or office buildings, in retail or in the entertainment sector – the right atmosphere can be created (and, if necessary, also changed) almost everywhere with perfectly adjusted lighting. To mention a few examples: With cutting-edge lighting technology from OSRAM, bars can be turned into trendy hot spots, cafés become cozy places to relax, restaurants can be upgraded to noble gourmet temples and hotels can create the atmosphere of exclusive wellness venues. In both open-plan and single offices, perfectly tuned lighting creates just the right balance between creativity and concentration. In department stores and retail outlets, it is important to present products in the right light in order to encourage customers to shop. And in entertainment, our innovative developments support the show that takes place on stage. But all these areas have one thing in common: It must be possible to dim the light as required or change its color. With the new DALI2-certified OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH D dimmer, dimming becomes easier than ever before – for more design freedom within creative lighting concepts.

OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH D – the intelligent dimming solution for cost-efficient lighting concepts
This PWM dimmer for LED modules can be combined with a constant-voltage LED driver, such as OT SLIM 24V CV, resulting in a new, customized indoor solution for DALI CV controls up to 240 W on multiple channels. The OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH dimmer is also compatible with the new BackLED AREA and BackLED AREA TW LED modules, LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE systems, as well as with GinoLED TW and RGB LED strips and LED strips of the TEC Flex and LINEARlight FLEX families.

Future-proof thanks to DALI-2 certification
Thanks to DALI-2, the device can be connected to a DALI control system to meet a wide range of project requirements. The customer can choose any DALI CV solution according to individual needs. Whereas the predecessor model OTi DALI DIM only supported one light color, OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH now offers a much wider range of applications by providing up to four channels – from dimmable white light to Tunable White to RGB and RGBW, linear or area lighting concepts. This allows a wide variety of different lighting moods to be created and adjusted as required – also in combination with backlit light boxes or stretch ceilings.

Globally unique dimmer concept from OSRAM
Particularly noteworthy – and currently unique worldwide – is that Device Type 6 (DT6) and Device Type 8 (DT8) can be selected via a DIP switch. This means that DT6 and DT8 can be converted according to specific application requirements, and the DALI address can therefore be freely selected. This provides several advantages, because with OTi DALI DIM 1-4CH, you have one device that meets various lighting requirements. DT6 allows maximum power utilization, as all four channels can be operated simultaneously and independently. Naturally, however, if all four channels are in use, then four DALI addresses will also be occupied. For Tunable White (TW) applications, DT8 offers a steady luminous output across shifting CCTs. And if multiple channels are used, only one DALI address will be occupied, allowing users to manage several devices with a single DALI master unit (more potential opportunities).

Further benefits

  • High output PWM frequency of 3 kHz – to minimize flicker (future-proof for the upcoming TLA control to the PWM minimum frequency)
  • Wide input voltage range: 12...48 VDC, high flexibility for connection to various constant-voltage LED systems
  • Compatible with OSRAM OT and ELEMENT LED drivers and OSRAM LED constant-voltage modules
  • Very precise dimming thanks to digital lighting control (dimming range: 0-1...100 %)
  • DALI interface protected against reverse polarity and overvoltage (max. 1 kV)
  • Support of the Touch DIM and Corridor functions (switchable via push button)
  • Presence detection possible with additional DALI sensor
  • Integrated cable clamps
  • Up to 50,000 hours lifetime
  • 5 years warranty (for more information about the warranty conditions see