Light is the soul of architecture

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25.10.2017 | LED Technology

Light as the fourth dimension

State-of-the-art architecture effectively communicates a company's philosophy and expresses its corporate values through its unique design language. The harmonious interplay of various geometric shapes, the materials selected, as well as the creation of areas of communicative interaction – all contribute to designing inspiring working environments with which employees can identify. Light thus significantly influences the effect of rooms and brings the entire building to life. Thanks to innovative, ultraflat and flexible OSRAM lighting solutions, the lighting seamlessly complements the architectural concept, opening up entirely new design possibilities.

Light provides the perfect setting to visually highlight your architecture and takes the overall concept to a new level. It thus becomes the fourth dimension of a room. Intelligent lighting is simply ideal for architects, light planners and designers to implement and refine their visionary ideas – and fill them with life. Innovative lighting solutions enable an unmatched level of design freedom and flexibility, unlocking an entirely new spectrum of lighting concepts.

Come and explore entirely new creative worlds of light: