Making perfect use of constant-voltage LED drivers

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14.05.2019 | Products

Technical guide for OPTOTRONIC LED drivers

This technical guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use dimmable and non-dimmable OPTOTRONIC constant-voltage LED drivers in daily practice. The focus is on using the drivers for both the power supply and the dimming of LED modules deployed indoors and outdoors.

The LED drivers with an output voltage of 12 V and 24 V are ideal for modular and flexibly scalable LED systems. The technical guide illustrates the technical benefits of the drivers for setting up efficient, versatile and reliable lighting systems. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive information on the control inputs of the drivers – 1…10 V, DALI, DALI 2, AstroDIM, DALI DT6 and DT8, DMX – and also includes specifications and standards on safety aspects and modes of operation.

As far as planning, installation and operations are concerned, the guide gives practical recommendations on the system layout and wiring. For a summary of our indoor and outdoor drivers and dimmers, refer to the portfolio overview at the end of the document.

Contents of the technical guide (abstract):

Benefits and features of the OPTOTRONIC LED drivers

  • Protocols, interfaces, dimming functions

Planning, installation and operations

  • System planning, installation requirements, wiring

OPTOTRONIC portfolio

  • Indoor and outdoor drivers, dimmers