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New flexibility for cutting-edge lighting design


15.02.2021 | Products

Brilliant lighting quality, stylish look: the PrevaLED COIN 35 DC COB G2 family

Elegant, versatile, more cost-efficient and even brighter. Lighting design gains even more radiance with the second generation of the PrevaLED COIN COB product family – for shopping malls, hypermarkets, shops and retail outlets in today’s modern world. And thanks to their stylish appearance, these LED modules also fit perfectly into challenging architectural structures in private homes. The new product series is making its debut with PrevaLED COIN 35 G2. COIN 50 and COIN 111 will follow soon, thus offering a wide range of opportunities for state-of-the-art design, performance, energy efficiency and flexibility.

Optimizing brightness or energy consumption
LED modules can be operated with a focus on brightness, i.e. achieving a particularly radiant lighting effect (High Output, HO, full luminous flux), or on reducing energy consumption (High Efficacy, HE). This means that you can choose between either a performance- or an efficiency-oriented solution depending on your individual application. All the variants offer excellent lighting quality and performance thanks to their high color consistency of <2 SDCM and a luminous flux of up to 650 lm.

Enjoy the flexibility to create the atmosphere you desire
Not only are these LED modules visually appealing, they also provide maximum freedom when it comes to adapting light sources to an individual application. What first catches the eye are their highly compact dimensions along with their high-quality appearance, which is enhanced even further by the OSRAM branding. Thanks to their compact form factor with a diameter of 35 mm, the PrevaLED COIN 35 G2 are compatible with conventional MR11 luminaires. And the integrated heat sinks also play a role in simplifying the use of the LED module in the luminaire. Two different beam angles make it easy to adjust the lighting atmosphere to individual needs: 24° and 36°. To operate these innovative LED modules, OSRAM offers you suitable Compact LED drivers as an “on/off“ version – for example OT FIT 8 CS I MINI, or dimmable versions such as OT FIT 8 CS PC (phase-cut) and OTI DALI 10 NFC I. The lighting can be flexibly adapted to the spatial geometry and specific requirements of sales floors, counters and cash desk areas – a major plus point which is becoming more and more important in today’s lighting planning.

Enjoy an all-new level of lighting design: more flexible and efficient than ever before!