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Now even more powerful and versatile – OT FIT 12V P (CV)

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21.09.2020 | Products

Constant-voltage LED drivers for indoor and outdoor use

Artificial light has always played an important role in the architectural context – and not only for the purpose of illuminating interiors. There is also a long tradition of using appropriate lighting to present exterior facades of buildings in a special and appealing way. And yet the targeted design of architectural details through the use of light has probably never been as important as it is today. Thanks to the technical possibilities offered by modern lighting systems, more applications and lighting concepts can be realized today than ever before – both indoors and outdoors. This is precisely where the new constant-voltage LED drivers of the OT FIT 12V P (CV) product family from OSRAM come into play.

Small housing, full power
The three devices offer a range of innovations and improvements that not only significantly increase the performance spectrum of our constant-voltage LED drivers, but also expand the range of possible applications. In addition, the 60, 150 and 300 W versions are suitable for more compact applications due to their reduced dimensions – while offering full performance. And with the OT FIT 300/220-240/12 P, the product family is opening up a whole new spectrum in the upper power range.

Fascinating application possibilities
With IP66/IP67 protection, these non-dimmable LED drivers are not only dust-proof, but also protected against contact and strong jets of water as well as temporary immersion in water. This makes them ideal for outdoor use and thus perfect for combination with corresponding LED modules for lighting building facades, for example, which is also supported by the very wide ambient temperature range of -40 to +70 °C.

But that's not all – due to their particular dimensions, the new OT FIT 12V P (CV) LED drivers fit almost anywhere without being particularly noticeable. For example, they can also be used within indoor stretch ceilings. This makes them universally applicable and extremely versatile in the field of architectural lighting. All in all, the new devices present themselves as a powerful and attractive product family that enables cost-effective solutions even within the framework of strict budget limits.

Further benefits and improvements include:

  • Ideal for use, for example, with the OSRAM products BackLED M Plus, BackLED L Plus, BackLED M Plus HO and the BackLED XS Plus
  • Optimized efficiency (up to 91 %)
  • Low distortion factor (THD <5 %)
  • Improvement of overvoltage protection

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