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Now simpler than ever: wireless light management

Light Management Systems (LMS)

23.11.2020 | Products

OSRAM Bluetooth control units, also with Swarm function for more flexibility and comfort at the workplace
After upgrading the lighting control units to DALI-2 OSRAM is now taking the next step: Via the Swarm function luminaires with integrated control units from OSRAM – i.e. DALI ACU BT, DALIeco BT and DALIeco BT RTC – can now share presence information: wirelessly, simply via Bluetooth. This makes it really easy to set up an interconnected lighting system without a central control unit.

The simple way to interconnect luminaires in offices
Floor-standing luminaires are a prime example of how this function is applied in office rooms. A luminaire can communicate with other luminaires in its environment via Bluetooth – for example in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for a small number of employees still working at the office during the evening hours (no single lighting islands in large office spaces).

And: The Swarm function can be made available on BT control units integrated at an earlier time, simply by updating them via the app. This makes it really easy to update existing installations to the latest state of the art.

Various options for efficient light management
Thanks to their versatile functions, BT control units are simply ideal for flexible lighting control in office buildings, conference and trainings rooms, as well as classrooms. The BT control units are continually enhanced by new functions in order to provide even more freedom of design for efficient light management.

Plug&Play with intuitive control via smartphone
The BT control units can be configured, adjusted and operated conveniently and intuitively via smartphone. The basic lighting control functions are also available without the app in order to define settings on site in no time at all. In addition, predefined profiles for numerous applications facilitate commissioning.
Via the DALI output, BT control units can control Standard DALI or Tunable White DALI LED drivers and form up to 4 luminaire groups.
Light scenes with adapted brightness and color temperature can be individually adapted and stored. These scenes are called up via smartphone or pushbutton coupler. However, the automatic lighting control can also be overridden via smartphone or standard pushbutton. In addition, the DALIeco BT RTC with integrated timer allows the user to smoothly adapt the brightness and color temperature depending on the time of day, making it easy to implement complex requirements such as HCL concepts.

Control interconnected systems conveniently via Bluetooth – now with the additional Swarm function!

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