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Now with extended product range: ELEMENT G2 24 V

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18.11.2019 | Products

The constant-voltage LED driver family: solid performance fairly calculated

The ELEMENT 24 V G2 driver family is now available with new versions. The range of linear LED drivers includes 30, 60, 120 and 180 watts. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they show their strengths in many areas – integrated in luminaires, niches, furniture or coves. Combine light quality and cost-efficiency in standard applications!

Economical and efficient lighting systems

When it comes to performance values, the ELEMENT LED drivers meet typical criteria: good efficiency of up to 91.5 %, ripple current < 3 % and an output voltage tolerance < 3 %. Additionally, the drivers are compatible with many LED modules from OSRAM such as LINEARlight FLEX, VALUE Flex, BackLED and BoxLED.

You can thus set up projects that combine high lighting quality with a very good price-performance ratio. In combination with smart lighting control and efficient sensor technology, you have all options at hand to realize energy savings with a good level of operating convenience.

Cost efficiency and good performance go hand in hand!