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Ready for wireless technologies, for connected light?
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Learn more about the extensive interconnection of light in this issue of our newsletter. NFC, wireless or DEXAL: Create the basis for your future projects! Our DEXAL LED drivers with NFC interface are ideal to develop smart wireless concepts.

Also in this issue: Read all about how to set up efficient TW systems and implement cost-efficient solutions.

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Your know-how for dynamic Tunable White systems!
This news application guide supports you in designing Tunable White systems with constant current drivers – making your entry into Human Centric Lighting (HCL) as simple as possible.
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Connected light with the new DEXAL driver

The OTi DX D NFC L LED driver with DEXAL interface developed by OSRAM supplies sensors and radio modules with electric power and enables the bidirectional exchange of data within the luminaire.
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LED drivers with NFC interface save time and money
Read our new flyer for an overview of all OSRAM LED drivers with an NFC interface and useful hardware and software tools which allow you to save time and money thanks to forward-looking NFC technology.
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LED drivers for industrial applications: 

Industrial applications require the use of LED drivers which withstand challenging conditions. OT FIT D NFC IND L LED drivers can even be used at extreme ambient temperatures, ensuring the reliable operation of your lighting system thanks to an average lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.
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Casambi works with OSRAM DEXAL
OSRAM and Casambi present the interoperability between the Casambi CBU-DCS module and OSRAM DEXAL driver.
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Robust and efficient lighting systems for industrial applications
Reduce your energy costs with a premium quality system! A strong combination: PrevaLED BRICK MP and OTi DALI/OT FIT D NFC IND L industry drivers.
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High power for street and outdoor lighting – PrevaLED BRICK HP LED module
The new PrevaLED BRICK High Power LED module family can be seamlessly combined with the innovative 1DIM/4DIM LED drivers to create cutting-edge systems which stand out due to superior energy efficiency and high flexibility thanks to the possibility of contactless reprogramming.
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New: LED driver for track rail systems
For spotlights in shops and hospitality areas, OSRAM now offers a new, particularly compact ON/OFF LED driver – and since it is directly integrated into the track rail system, it is almost invisible from outside.
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High-quality downlight designs with low glare
Implement flexible general lighting systems for offices and retail outlets with our PrevaLED Disc and Basic Disc product families.
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Light Quiz – Vertical farming – LEDs to replace sunlight
In the future, agricultural crops might be cultivated in an entirely different manner than today’s conventional farming: in enclosed spaces and without daylight. Vertical farming is the practice of producing e.g. tomatoes, lettuce or strawberries in vertically stacked layers in huge warehouses. This means that arable farming is going vertical, requiring less space. The warehouses are illuminated by LEDs that mimic sunlight. This increases both efficiency and profit. In addition, the plants’ growth can be controlled more precisely and efficiently.
Question: How can the plant’s taste be controlled through light?
a) The higher the light intensity, the more intense the flavors become
b) The taste and size of food can be controlled by the light spectrum applied
c) So called SuperLEDs with a combination of UV and IR radiation are used
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