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Smart programming of indoor and outdoor luminaires has never been easier!
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The smart use of lighting data is constantly gaining in importance. Learn more about the innovative new options which our LED drivers provide for you: You can now read out luminaire information and monitoring data via flexible programming on your smartphone, enjoy the benefits of simplified maintenance and service, etc.

Cost effectiveness, efficiency and excellent quality of light – combine all the benefits in ever slimmer luminaires! 

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With just a few clicks: Programming indoor luminaires and street lights via smartphone app
The Tuner4TRONIC Field app greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of both indoor and outdoor luminaires. In addition to the OT 1DIM and 4DIM outdoor drivers, the T4T now also supports our Compact NFC indoor drivers.
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Flat design for extensive data exchange – the new OTi DALI NFC F L LED driver family
The OTi DALI NFC F L  driver are ideal for smart applications, because luminaire information and monitoring data, such as energy consumption, operating condition, operating hours and operating temperature, can be read out and used for analysis. With a low height of only 16 mm and a large operating window.
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Simple, short and cost-efficient – the solid LED driver
OPTOTRONIC FIT D L LED drivers (non-isolated) are virtually perfect for designing cost-optimized lighting solutions. The product family in 30, 45 and 50 W stands out due to superior lighting quality thanks to a low current ripple, high efficiency, as well as its long service life and guarantee.
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Case Study: Polestar showroom lighting – Gothenburg, Sweden
Stretch ceilings backlit with Tunable White LED modules display luxury vehicles to best effect.
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The name says it all: Minis for extra-compact luminaires
The new OT FIT CS MINI LED drivers stand out due to excellent quality of light while at the same time satisfying all the needs of lighting designers: flexibility, current setting via DIP switch, extra-small dimensions and flicker-free light with a ripple of less than 3 %.
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Brilliant light for slim luminaires: OPTOTRONIC FIT LT2 LP
Thanks to output powers of up to 40 W, the compact and efficient LED drivers are compatible with a large number of LED modules and cover a large scope of applications with a height of only 22.5 mm.
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Updated phase-out information (03/2019)
This phase-out information provides you with an overview of the products (and their successors, if available) which have already been phased out or which are currently in the phase-out process.
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Light Quiz – Vehicle light originating from the cinematic world
Parallel to the development of new mobility concepts such as self-driving cars, advanced lighting options unlock entirely new possibilities. To mention a prime example: High-performance technology from cinema projection is about to conquer the road – thanks to so called DMD-based (Digital Micromirror Device) pixel light. Controllable micromirror devices are used instead of conventional headlight reflectors. But DMD headlights can do much more than just illuminate the road.
What are the benefits of the new DMD pixel light?
a) The new technology stimulates the road asphalt itself to emit light
b) A special type of "night-vision device" makes the road appear much brighter
c) Warnings and navigation instructions and even entire film sequences are projected onto the road
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