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Plug and play or individual adjustment – solutions for Tunable White and HCL
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With our Tunable White systems, you can set the color temperature within a range that extends from warm to cold white. In doing so, you have the ability to create the technical foundation for human-centric lighting concepts.
Use the biological effect of light for your own illumination solutions.

Did you know? With RTC (Real Time Clock), DALIeco BT creates a world of new possibilities.
Learn more about the control system depending on the time of day.

Profit from our components for your innovative projects.

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Create Tunable White and Human Centric Lighting with OSRAM
The OTi DALI 35 TW and OTi DALI 75 TW constant-current drivers provide the basis for dynamic Tunable White LED systems, enabling biologically effective lighting solutions. The versatile DALI window drivers are particularly flexible: as DT8 drivers with a DALI address and also as 1- or 2-channel drivers in DT6 mode.
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Simple color and brightness control for standing luminaires
The new Touch DIM TW (2-channel) function from OSRAM provides a simple, user-friendly control solution for standing luminaires and similar applications: The light color and brightness can be controlled conveniently via a dual pushbutton – without the use of additional control electronics (dimming, switching and setting).
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Highlighting architectural details
A dynamic color lighting installation with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) character has been implemented and integrated into an existing KNX system via DALI Professional in the historic building of the "Allgemeine Sparkasse" savings bank in Linz, Austria.
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Professional lighting control with a direct connection to KNX
The well proven OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL light management system can now also be conveniently integrated into your KNX system. For the DALI PRO CONT-4 RTC control unit, the new interface KNX IF 250 now ensures the bidirectional data exchange between DALI PROFESSIONAL and a KNX system.
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Updated OPTOTRONIC overview
We regularly update our proven OPTOTRONIC LED driver portfolio in order to ensure that we can offer the right product, whatever your requirements may be. The updated overview of our range provides you with relevant key data.
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New OSRAM Lighting Designer online tool
Configure and select your system solution of LED modules and driver. OSRAM Lighting Designer is a tool to identify the right combination of LED modules and driver for your luminaire project. With just a few clicks you find the OSRAM lighting system of your choice.
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OSRAM Webinar
Learn more about Outdoor Systems and TW Systems in our May webinars, register now – it's for free.
16.05.2019 (14:00 - 15:00)
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Tunable White Systems (OT & LE & LMS)

DALIeco BT RTC – the new Bluetooth-capable control unit for Human Centric Lighting
The new DALIeco BT RTC (real time clock) is a stand-alone control, and is ideal for installation into floor standing luminaires with DALI DT8 drivers, due to its compact design. With the ECO CI KIT independent mounting is also possible. It has been optimized for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Applications.
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Integrating DALI luminaires into the smart home – with just one component
Various smart home control units based on the ZigBee radio standard, including voice-controlled variants, are available on the market today. The universal ZigBee 3.0 DALI CONV LI converter now allows you to integrate DALI luminaires into ZigBee-based control systems.
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Light Quiz – Biometrical identification: iris scanners  
More and more electronic devices today no longer require password entry, but use biometrical identification methods instead. Iris pattern identification is just one of them. This method is considered to be particularly reliable and secure. Iris scanners illuminate one or both eyes and take a photo of the iris to determine its typical pattern. In order to be able to securely identify the iris pattern, the photo’s contrast must be perfectly adjusted. The wavelength of the light plays a major role in this context.
Question: So what does the wavelength required depend on?
a) the eye color 
b) the diameter of the pupil 
c) the retina texture
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