Prevaled DIM to Warm; OTi DALI NFC LED drivers and IoT; LMS brochure and poster; Efficient solution with ELEMENT and OT FIT LED drivers; New Bluetooth LED driver OTi BLE 80; The OSRAM VALUE Flex family; New trainings in Light academy

Are you ready to use sophisticated lighting technology for data communication?

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Benefit from all the advantages of lighting systems equipped with cutting-edge technology: efficient, cost-effective and future-proof. The huge amount of luminaire information and monitoring data collected by state-of-the-art lighting components also provides the basis for optimizing various parameters your lighting installation. Our light management systems enable you to control projects of any size – flexibly and conveniently. Equipped with OSRAM LED modules with DIM to Warm function, luminaires create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your rooms.

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Stylish appearance and DIM to Warm: simply priceless for your guests’ wellbeing 

Our PrevaLED COIN COB G1 LED modules are now also available in the DIM to Warm variant, enabling you to create a cozy atmosphere in bars, restaurants and hotels. Not only can the luminous intensity be dimmed with DIM to Warm, the light color gets even warmer and more pleasant during dimming, providing for a relaxed atmosphere in the style of candlelight.
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Fit for the Internet of Things (IoT) – with smart OSRAM LED drivers

The new OTi DALI NFC LED drivers optimally prepare your lighting installation for the Internet of Things: Providing luminaire information and monitoring data, they contribute significantly to optimizing illumination. The standardized DALI interface designed in accordance with the latest DiiA specifications (DALI Part 251, 252 and 253) provides the basis for this future-oriented approach. 
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The perfect overview: Smart light management from Basic to Professional

The new brochure describes the features of our LMS products – control units, stand-alone sensors such as DALI sensors. It thus provides a comprehensive overview of the scope of performance of the various systems.
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Get the perfect system for your damp-proof luminaires here

To offer the perfect solution for any project, the OT FIT and ELEMENT LED driver families – combined with the new third-generation Basic Linear LED modules – provide a great number of options.
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New Bluetooth LED driver for easy, wireless control of dynamic lighting

The new OTi BLE 80 LED driver now offers the advantages of the OT BLE DIM and an OPTOTRONIC driver in a single device. Thanks to the control app from CASAMBI, the 24 V 4-channel LED driver requires no extra cabling or gateway.
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Value Flex: OSRAM quality and Italian Design

OSRAM offers cutting-edge flexible LED systems in premium quality, tailored for long and strong performance with attractive pricing. The OSRAM VALUE Flex family provides the perfect solution for all applications thanks to its wide choice of color temperatures.
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Make up your mind quickly and secure one of the last remaining places!

Register today for a training activity at our LIGHT ACADEMY and find out first hand what’s so special about OSRAM Digital Systems products. Our lighting specialists cordially invite you to take part in person:

July 2019:
Light management today
29. - 30.07 DALI Professional system training

August 2019:
01.08. Lighting for Office & Industry applications 
06.08. HCL – Light is the source of well-being 
08.08. Light as a Service – Design & Optimisation

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Future-oriented LED lighting solutions for the new headquarters of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

The new head office of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg is impressive not only for its modern architecture and contemporary interior design. It also demonstrates the outstanding lighting expertise of the OSRAM family of companies.
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Light Quiz - Light can make animals look more attractive

Some strange correlations can be observed in the animal world: Artificial light, for example, can influence animals’ love lives and drive their behavior in a certain way. But what appears at first glance to be an experiment in affairs of the heart is in reality nothing but an undesirable side effect of civilization.
Question: Animals of a certain species cheat on their partner more often when exposed to artificial light. Which species is it?
a) Raccoon
b) Bat
c) Blue Tit
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