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The new digital city infrastructure with DEXAL
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The digitalization of street lighting offers new perspectives for intelligent data communication. LED drivers from OSRAM with the open DEXAL interface provide the building blocks for the Internet of Things. Find out more about the connected lighting of the future.

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Cities and municipalities get ready for the future – with DEXAL!
Cities and municipalities are increasingly relying on future-proof lighting systems that, in addition to high energy efficiency, offer them the greatest possible flexibility in operation and predictive maintenance. With the standardized DEXAL interface, luminaires become smart network nodes that communicate wirelessly via RF modules and provide data for a wide range of applications.
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Lighting as the backbone of the IoT
Download our brochure and find out how luminaire manufacturers, lighting planners and building operators can also benefit from the open DEXAL interface in indoor applications. The new DEXAL LED drivers connect luminaires via RF modules and sensors to set up a radio-based network that provides data for many interactions, e.g. room occupancy and space utilization as well as the optimization of light levels, temperature, humidity or air quality. Discover the future of intelligent lighting!
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Interview with Anett Wagner, Product Manager Outdoor Lighting Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH
"Thanks to the DEXAL interface, users now have a wider choice of control systems and are no longer tied to a single luminaire manufacturer. This allows them to remain flexible when planning future street lighting". Read our interview with product manager Anett Wagner and learn how DEXAL components meet the requirements for sustainability, safety and energy saving.
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Growing number of partner components
DEXAL LED drivers are compatible with a number of partner components. These are identified by the "Works with OSRAM DEXAL" signet. The DEXAL partner program comprises three product categories: smart sensors, light and building management systems and smart city solutions. Our overview of partner components shows you the ever-growing selection of compatible components and related information.
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Smartly connected light for outdoor applications
Within the scope of the digitalization of light, the interconnection of lighting components provides an ever-increasing number of options for establishing smart infrastructure inside and outside buildings. With its OPTOTRONIC DEXAL NFC Outdoor LED drivers, OSRAM now also offers flexible, connected infrastructure designed for a long lifetime of street and industry applications.
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