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3 brand new innovations: for horticulture or industrial lighting – or with the well-proven basic features

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They provide the backbone for smartly connected systems without additional effort to adapt the building structure; they provide for powerful lighting in greenhouses or industrial facilities – and they are predestined for implementing premium-quality lighting systems while at the same time keeping to a tight cost budget: the 3 new LED driver families from OSRAM. 
In short: At OSRAM, you’ll find the perfect solution for almost any application.
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IoT for industry – predictive DEXAL LED drivers

Fit for the future: flexible control systems thanks to data usage with OTi DX IND 100/150.
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Uncompromising performance, minimal cost: ICUTRONIC ETi DALI

The new ICUTRONIC ETi DALI LED drivers with 25, 35 and 75 W are the perfect choice for realizing high-quality, durable and energy-efficient lighting solutions. 
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Strong lighting for strong plant growth

New: The OT FIT 380 D NFC HC L high-performance LED drivers for horticulture and industrial lighting.
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Future-proof light management from OSRAM

Find the perfect solution for your application on our new LMS website!
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Online Service Support Center with Tutorial Videos

Discover how to install and commission our products in our short tutorial videos.
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Available from now on: the Tuner4TRONIC software update v3.10

Update your software on the automatic programming of LED drivers according to the latest state of the art.
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Conference hall lighting: Hilton Athenee Palace – Bucharest, Romania

Intuitive dynamic lighting without additional wiring or gateways thanks to OSRAM technology.
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Light quiz – Detecting flicker

In contrast to daylight, with no fast brightness variations, LEDs, fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps tend to flicker. Flicker frequencies in a range between 15 and 80 Hz are visible to the human eye, whereas frequencies greater than 100 Hz are deemed invisible. However, entirely flicker-free LED luminaires are available today. To find out whether a light source flickers, just take a smartphone photo of the light source.

Question: How exactly is a flickering light source shown in a photo?

a) A wavelike pattern is shown.
b) The photo shows black stripes.
c) Concentric rings appear around the brightest spot.
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