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New LED drivers: advanced fields of application, user-friendly connection

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Benefit from the new LED drivers – as an efficient upgrade, for integration into compact, dimmable lighting systems or for interconnecting smart luminaires. Our product families are easy to use: OT FIT CS PC with phase-cut-dimming, ELEMENT thanks to integrated strain relief, screw or plug-in terminals (for CC) and the DEXAL drivers thanks to power supply and bidirectional communication capability.

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DEXAL LED driver for smartly connected lighting systems

Get ready for the IoT – with smartly connected luminaires and linear LED modules. The newcomer to the DEXAL driver family: the compact LED driver OTI DX 50/220-240/1A4 NFC (SELV).
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Simply perfect for dimmable LED spotlights: OT FIT 8/18 CS PC

If you want to retrofit old MR16 luminaires with little effort and in no time at all, OPTOTRONIC FIT 8/18 CS PC and PrevaLED COIN 50 CoB from OSRAM are ideal for you. 
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Flexible all-rounders for unobtrusive luminaire systems: ELEMENT S

Follow the trend towards miniaturization and design slim luminaires with the ELEMENT S LED driver family! 
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Webinar: Compact Systems NEWS

In this webinar you will learn about the Compact portfolio of OPTOTRONIC drivers and LED Light Engines and Modules for Spot- and Downlights and Wall- and Ceiling luminaires as well. 
The webinar will also provide introductions to new lighting trends such as OPTOTRONIC OTI DEXAL NFC and PL-COIN DIM-to-Warm and much more meeting the trends above. 

Find out more about it in our webinar and register now for free:
Thursday, 12th Dec 2019, 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm
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Now with extended product range: ELEMENT G2 24 V

The ELEMENT 24 V G2 driver family is now available with new versions. The range of linear LED drivers includes 30, 60, 120 and 180 watts.
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Updated OPTOTRONIC overview – 11/2019

We regularly update our proven OPTOTRONIC LED driver portfolio in order to ensure that we can offer the right product, whatever your requirements may be. The updated overview of our range provides you with relevant key data.
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Case study: Office lighting for Business Campus – Garching near Munich, Germany

Small effort, great effect: HubSense makes planning, installing and commissioning a wireless lighting control system easier than ever before.
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Light quiz – Perfect dentures

Whenever a patient requires dentures, such as a bridge or a partial prosthesis, or needs orthodontic braces, he/she must first have a dental impression taken. With the conventional method, your dentist will apply a paste, which can be a rather unpleasant experience for many patients. Now there is hope that this procedure will probably change in the future: The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena, Germany, has developed a scanner which allows calculating the shape of dentition with a precision down to a few micrometers.

Question: How does this innovative dental measurement method work?

a) Extra-fine stripes of light are projected onto the dental surface.
b) The teeth are exposed to laser light and a 3D print is immediately created.
c) Blue artificial light is transferred onto a concave mirror and converted into data.
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