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Digitalization is gaining more and more momentum in 2019. So let yourself be inspired by the interview with Dr. Wilhelm Nehring and obtain first insights into key future trends, today.
Trendsetting digital system combinations are already available from us – in the familiar high quality and of course as an all-in-one solution package. Benefit from our system guarantee – and don’t miss to read our articles on the following pages for more details.

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2019 is the Year of IoT Lighting
Wilhelm Nehring, CEO at OSRAM Digital, was interviewed at LuxLive 2018 – one of the largest annual lighting events in Europe with over 8000 lighting professionals. He is convinced that Internet-connected lighting will start to gain large market shares this year. The interview was originally published in the LuxReview trade magazine.
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Make up your mind quickly and secure one of the last remaining places!
Register today for a training activity at our LIGHT ACADEMY and find out first hand what’s so special about OSRAM Digital Systems products. Our lighting specialists cordially invite you to take part in person:
21.02. Wireless lighting & light control with ZigBee & Bluetooth
26.02. LED – Way of Flexibility
14.03. Tuner4TRONIC – Intelligent programming of lighting
19.03. Light management today
26.03. Bluetooth-based Light Control (DALIeco BT, ACU BT, LUXeye)
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Fashion and food in special lighting from OSRAM
PrevaLED Core G7 Food and Fashion is the perfect choice to create state-of-the-art shop lighting. Benefit from the complete system for your lights.
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Glare-free lighting with 3x11 optics
Provide optimal lighting and reduce your energy costs. PrevaLED Bar G3 LED modules are simply ideal for trunking rail systems in industrial and retail environments.
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Homogeneous light for surface and louvre luminaires
Very easy installation in a square: PrevaLED Area G4 and Basic Area G1.
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Optimal lighting conditions thanks to PrevaLED Linear Optic
Upgrade your luminaires with OSRAM PrevaLED Linear optics and design your luminaire as part of a system package.
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Façade and interior lighting - Electra Metropolis Hotel Athens, Greece
Innovative lighting technology transforms five-star luxury hotel into new city landmark.
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Extended features for DALIeco BT and DALI ACU BT
The new firmware release of the OSRAM BT Config App enables new features for the existing DALIeco BT and DALI ACU BT. The DALI interface no longer provides a broadcast signal and each connected DALI driver can be assigned to one of four groups.
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The latest LED lamps portfolio at a glance
Discover a broad range of lamps with an expanded selection of light color, increased efficiency as well as new option for standard types, models and technologies, such as sensors and IP protection rating.
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Answers to technical questions on products and systems
Heat dissipation, light modulation, emergency lighting, software configuration and much more must be carefully considered in order to choose the ideal LED modules, LED drivers and light management systems. Our technical application guides provide you with quick answers on OSRAM products and systems. Arranged by product groups, you will find the perfect suggestion to your technical questions.
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Light Quiz – Less plastic waste for organic food
Organic fruit and vegetables packed in plastic can be found in many shops all over the world. In contrast to this, conventionally grown products are usually available without packaging. To resolve this contradiction and save on plastic packaging, a new procedure has been developed in order to identify organic products: The organic label and important information can now be attached to fruit and vegetables in an eco-friendly manner without altering their taste or reducing their shelf life.
Question: To save on plastic packaging, organic fruit and vegetables can be labeled in a different manner. But how?
a) The labels are attached invisibly and only become visible under special UV lamps in the shop.
b) Light tattoos are applied to the skin or shell by means of laser beams.
c) Ultra-flat RFID chips are inserted into the skin or shell.
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