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For slim luminaires with power and data for IoT 

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With OSRAM, you can develop powerful, efficient lighting systems with added value for your customers. With slim components, you reduce the amount of luminaire material required and provide data for integration into the IoT – for less energy consumption, clear diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Learn more about the world's first D4i-certified DEXAL LED driver and discover the benefits of OTi DALI NFC L LED drivers for innovative linear and area lighting. Moreover, the new 100 W version completes our driver family OT FIT D NFC L and gives you even more creative freedom for your project design.

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Light and Building 2020 postponed to September

Due to the COVID-19 situation Light + Building in Frankfurt has been postponed. Nevertheless we do not stop innovating. If you want to learn more about our latest product launches you can now sign up for your individual product presentation.
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State-of-the-art lighting for today’s modern world

Energy-/cost-efficient and powerful at the same time – ideal for offices or industrial facilities. The new OTi DALI NFC L constant-current LED drivers with 25, 35 and 50 watt are simply ideal for innovative lighting in linear systems.
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OSRAM complements its OT FIT LED driver portfolio

Complemented by the new 100 Watt variant, the OT FIT D NFC L LED driver portfolio now provides even more flexible options for implementing powerful lighting solutions. 
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The new D4i standard makes LED luminaires fit for the IoT

As an active DiiA member, OSRAM made a major contribution to the development of the new D4i specifications. So it comes as no surprise that the world’s first LED driver certified according to the new D4i standard was an OSRAM product: the OT DX 40/220-240/1A0 DIMA LT2 E (in December 2019).
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Clever, smart and brilliant: Zigbee luminaires

You’d like to find out more about how to upgrade DALI luminaires? Then download the new Zigbee brochure.
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Flexible linear luminaires LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE: one platform, thousands of combinations

The FINESSE platform has now been complemented by several accessories for various types of installation in both indoor and outdoor areas: wall arms for façades, stainless steel cable for pendant installation, clips for surface mounting, recessed kit for false ceilings.
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Case study: Facade and hospitality lighting, The Langley Hotel, Buckinghamshire, UK

Listed hunting lodge turned luxury hotel – immersed in perfect light outside and inside by OSRAM LINEARlight Flex LED strips.
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Easy configuration of LED drivers via cloud

With the brand-new Tuner4TRONIC Cloud, you can now experience a new level of operating convenience! You no longer need to install any software to configure luminaires.
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Light quiz – Weightless candles

On festive days such as Valentine's day or on other special occasions such as a romantic dinner, candles arranged on a nicely laid table contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere. But what happens if candles are used under zero-gravity conditions in a space station? The candles most certainly float in space, creating an entirely different optical effect. And: the candlelight would look entirely different.

Question: How does a candle burn under zero-gravity conditions and what does the flame look like?

a) It burns the same way as on Earth, but produces a bright red light.
b) It burns with a blue, spherical flame.
c) It does not burn at all.
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