Explore the infinite possibilities at Light+Building 2020!

Explore the infinite possibilities at Light+Building 2020!

Dear Sir or Madam,

This year we will present the portfolios of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and OSRAM Digital Systems together in hall 8.0, F30. This allows you to explore the best fitting solutions for your individual needs with our perfectly matched components. 

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a key player in the global opto-electronic semiconductor market with expertise from basic semiconductor technologies to individual customer applications.
OSRAM Digital Systems is the key enabler for digital infrastructure: providing a broad portfolio of connected components, created with maximum compatibility and freedom of design. 
Come and explore your infinite possibilities with this high-performance system approach of LEDs, software, connected drivers, modules, customization and services.

We will present our lighting solutions in three areas of expertise:

Connection | Health & Well-being | Safety & Security

Additionally, in our Technology Area you can discover technological innovations, such as pixelated lightsources or replaceable LED modules. This area builds the technical umbrella for the other three areas.

Read on to get a sneak peek into what’s coming. 
We will present our complete digital lighting solutions in Hall 8.0, booth F30, 8-13th March at Light+Building 2020. 

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Explore the possibilities of Connection

Smart platforms and components provide the basis for intelligent applications. 
OSRAM builds on existing standards such as Bluetooth, DALI, KNX, D4I and Zigbee to ensure sustainable investment and interoperability; no matter if the lighting installation is wired or wireless. We take you by the hand to grow together with new possibilities for your business.
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Digital ceiling – wireless

With the Digital ceiling – wireless application we will demonstrate our Qualified Bluetooth Mesh System: HubSense. Hubsense (Office) is a scalable, intuitive wireless professional lighting control solution kit from an all-in-one solution provider which is based on an open standard. It enables the convenient retrofitting of an existing small/medium-sized On/Off lighting installation (e.g. T8) into a dimmable and energy-efficient installation with minimum adaption of the existing infrastructure and the lowest commissioning effort.

Digital ceiling – wired

Flexible lighting solutions with IoT-capable connectivity are presented in the area of Digital Ceiling – wired: 
DALI-2 is the latest version of IEC 62386 and comes with plenty of improvements. In the area of control units in particular there are many new device types that follow the DALI-2 standard. 

Explore the possibilities of Health & Well-being

Light is a source of vitality. OSRAM explores this energy to allow people to live healthier lives. The focus of our innovative lighting solutions is on people and their environment: we develop new ways for suitable lighting to increase productivity and the happiness in life. 
We concentrate on these main topics: Human Well-Being, Environmental Health and Energy Efficiency.
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Human centric lighting (HCL) and Ambient – Architecture lighting

Human centric lighting (HCL) and Ambient – Architecture lighting are showcased in one area.
To demonstrate an example of the biological effects of light, we will present a circadian-friendly installation of flat backlighting luminaires with BackLED Area modules and DALI-2 drivers. In a simultaneous sequence, you can experience our Dim-to-Warm Spotlight System, featuring PrevaLED Coin modules as a perfect system fit with OTi DALI drivers and OSRAM controls such as the DALIeco BT.
LINEARlight Rigid Finesse and LINEARlight Flex Uniformity, using LEDs with Quantum Dot Technology, create a perfectly balanced lighting atmosphere of wall washing, wall grazing and cove lighting.

Horticultural lighting

We are at the forefront of smart horticultural lighting, from LED growth lights to indoor garden and complete solutions for urban farming, including performance components for professional applications. 
High lighting quality and maximum efficiency – our components are the perfect choice for greenhouse applications: OSLON Square Hyper Red LED, the Horticulture driver OT FIT 380 D NFC HC or the PrevaLED Brick Horticulture module, including the possibility of customization (color mix and form factor). Our portfolio of LEDs, LED modules and LED drivers match perfectly and make it possible to provide the exact light composition various plants need for ideal growth or to develop certain characteristics.

Explore the possibilities of Safety & Security

In an increasingly connected world, OSRAM gives people safety, security and reliability – both online and offline. Wherever there is light, we provide safety and act as a reliable partner for standard components, systems and solutions.
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Streetlighting – Safety at night 

For Streetlighting – Safety at night we ensure safe, adaptable and reliable outdoor lighting with industry-leading lifetime and performance and software adaption. 
Our solutions are the Tuner4TRONIC (T4T) Field App in system combination with our OT DX Outdoor Drivers. The NFC included technology simplifies installation & luminaire maintenance, because outdoor luminaires can be programmed with the T4T Field App. 
PrevaLED Brick modules with OTi DX Drivers (including DiiA Dataset and DX Partner components as well as software) provide the basis for safe, robust and smart outdoor lighting. 

Industrial Lighting – Safety at Work

Our Industrial Lighting – Safety at Work solutions enable a reliable, efficient and integrated working environment. OTi DX IND drivers provide data which can be used by the DALI Professional System – equipped with a dashboard for viewing a wealth of safety and security information.
The T4T API enables API integration in ERP systems to increase the speed and safety of production. 

Personal & Data Security

Under the Personal & Data Security topic we create added value – not only by providing high-quality, efficient lighting along with excellent lighting control, but also by ensuring a high level of security and protection of the data collected.
This is how we provide for security everywhere, for example with our T4T Configuration Lock, our DALI Pro Dashboard (Cloud) and the DALI Pro app.

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