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Our high-quality components provide you with a competitive edge in terms of both indoor and outdoor applications, and our sales team is digitally available to serve your needs – no matter your location. In addition to our state-of-the-art OTi DALI indoor and outdoor drivers, this newsletter informs you about the latest-generation PrevaLED Bar LED modules from OSRAM.

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Intelligent data usage for spotlights and downlights

The usage of luminaire data, along with superior lighting quality and user-friendly programming, generates noticeable added value for efficient infrastructure. Equipped with the highly compact OTi DALI NFC S (with 20, 30 and 40 W), modern office buildings, shops or restaurants are perfectly prepared to benefit from all the many advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Staying ahead with state-of-the-art technology

OTi DALI 100/220-240/24 1-4 CH P – the new, DALI-2-certified outdoor LED driver is innovative, intelligent – a top-quality product that is second to none. With its new constant-voltage LED driver for outdoor applications, OSRAM is taking the technological lead.
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Optimized lighting for industry and retail

PrevaLED Bar G4 LED modules provide the perfect atmosphere and ideal working conditions. With a top performance of up to 197 lm/W, PrevaLED Bar G4 LED modules are specially designed for these challenging applications – whether in integrated recessed luminaires or trunking systems, for example in supermarkets or manufacturing plants.
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Update for the Tuner4TRONIC Field app (Version 2.1.8)

The new version of T4T Field now supports an even larger number of LED drivers! A highly useful update will be available for the Tuner4TRONIC Field app from 2020 onwards, extending the number of supported LED drivers by 25 devices. The list comprises both outdoor and indoor drivers as well as the DEXAL, Linear and Compact driver families.
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Case study: Basic and effect lighting – Collegiate Church of Vreden, Germany

Light for worship: variable LED lighting system featuring OSRAM OTi DALI drivers immerses church domes and walls in liturgical colors.
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Light quiz – Face lifting with light rather than Botox

Many people today people rely on Botox, for example, to make them look fresher and younger. However, nowadays there are more gentle methods to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles rather than using the nerve poison Botulinumtoxin, also known as Botox. A special light therapy, where red light is applied to the entire body, is certainly a more natural way of combating the effects of ageing. During regular light-bath sessions, the human body absorbs light in certain efficacy spectra (a combination of visible and infrared light) of the skin cells, also referred to as fibroblasts. After several treatment sessions the skin looks firmer and wrinkles are visibly smoothed.

Question: How can this light technology help to reduce wrinkles?

a) The skin cells are stimulated to produce endogenous collagen.
b) Dead skin cells are gently smoothed.
c) The stream of energy levels the surface of the skin cells.
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