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All you need for an easy upgrade and smart systems

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Following our HubSense special, today’s issue provides you with more details about our new retrofit system. 
This innovative solution offers numerous advantages: from web-based planning to convenient installation, up to time-saving commissioning on site. In our modern world, energy optimization and smart light management are the need of the hour in office and various other environments. Just read on to learn more about our intelligent products and software tools for even higher efficiency, enhanced data usage and intuitive, wireless lighting control – in a large number of applications.

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Installing a HubSense network with luminaires the easy way

You would like to set up a HubSense network including new luminaires? Then OSRAM offers you just the right components: the Bluetooth-capable OTi QBM NFC S and I LED drivers.
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Wireless lighting control – now easier than ever before

HubSense from OSRAM is simply ideal for transforming installations in existing buildings into flexible, efficient and conveniently scalable wireless systems – without intervention into the building architecture and even without the need for laying new cables. The QBM DALI CONV LI converter plays a major role in this: the world’s first DALI-2 device certified in accordance with the Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) wireless standard.
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Generation change: new LED modules for recessed ceiling luminaires

LED modules of the PrevaLED Area and Basic Area product families are simply ideal for the design or retrofit of recessed-ceiling area luminaires. The new, improved PrevaLED Area G5 (Generation 5) and Basic Area G2 (Generation 2) LED modules stand out due to their significantly improved efficiency and durability.
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Backlighting for ultra-slim channel letters

The new BackLED XS Plus G4 is our smallest LED module from the BackLED product family for signage and backlighting applications. The modules are equipped with one LED only per LED carrier with a specifically designed elliptical beam lens on top of it – this makes their light beam especially shaped and this is why they are perfectly suited for installation even in the narrower places of channel letters. 
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Tuner4TRONIC software suite update

Our latest Tuner4TRONIC software suite update makes it even easier to program LED drivers automatically. With Version 3.13, OSRAM has optimized some important aspects: Consisting of five main modules for the configuration, production and maintenance of OSRAM drivers, the software suite now provides some additional, essential benefits.
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Updated phase-out information (04/2020)

An up-to-date overview of OSRAM products, phased-out from January to March 2020, is available. This phase-out information provides you with an overview of the products (and their successors, if available) which have already been phased out or which are currently in the phase-out process. We continuously evolve our products to the benefit of our customers.

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Light quiz – When the blind can finally see

American scientists have developed a system that enables blind people to gain certain visual experiences. The new system was tested on a man suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (a form of retinal degeneration), a hereditary condition that destroys the photoreceptors in the retina. After receiving his diagnosis, his vision got progressively worse until the man became almost completely blind. The researchers developed a retina prosthesis for their scientific trials.

Question: What exactly could the blind man see when wearing this retina prosthesis?

a) He regained 80 % of his normal vision.
b) He was able to see dynamic, flickering pixel fields.
c) He recognized soft shades of yellow and orange.
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