Retrofitting intelligent lighting infrastructure in existing buildings

Wireless lighting control with HubSense: Intuitive, simple and flexibly scalable 

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With HubSense, you can transform existing lighting systems in office buildings into flexible, efficient and wirelessly communicating systems that are easily scalable from a single office up to a complete building. For this you only need one commissioning tool for a wide range of room situations and project sizes. Thanks to this solution, modern lighting control systems are created based on the networking standard qualified Bluetooth mesh (QBM). These can be easily adapted in the event of future changes in room occupancy or extensions without having to touch the cabling.

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Intuitive commissioning experience

Time-saving project preparation 
One important advantage of HubSense is its easy on-site commissioning; and also that part of the configuration can be done in advance, even if you're not yet on site. Using the HubSense web app, zones and control profiles can be (optionally) assigned to the building plan in advance. Predefined lighting control profiles further simplify the configuration and thus accelerate commissioning. 

Easy installation, commissioning and configuration
On site, the luminaires are then simply assigned to the zones via the mobile app. The luminaires can be easily located using the range filter and it is also easy to reassign the luminaires or change the parameters. Moreover, several installers can work simultaneously. This shortens the time required and thus ensures that office operations are disturbed as little as possible. In the event of any future changes in room use, the system can be adapted or extended at any time. 
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OSRAM partnership with Silvair: "For an open system solution"

A modern lighting system has to be scalable, reliable and simple – HubSense meets all of these requirements, says Rafal Han, CEO of our technology partner Silvair. Since 2019, Silvair has been providing the software for our lighting management system HubSense. In an Interview with OSRAM he speaks about the wireless network technology Bluetooth Mesh, why his company decided to use this technology, and what significant role it will have in the future.
Read the entire interview here

QBM DALI CONV LI – the world's first DALI-2 qualified bluetooth mesh converter

The QBM DALI CONV LI converter from OSRAM – the world's first DALI-2 device certified according to qualified Bluetooth mesh – makes it easy to get started with radio-based lighting control. It allows existing DALI-2 luminaires and DALI-2 sensors to be easily integrated into the HubSense system. The converter can control up to 32 DALI-2 LED drivers and supports an external pushbutton, which is used especially in floor-standing luminaires. It offers a wireless range of 10 m and, since it doesn't require an external antenna, enables a slim luminaire design. However, together with the ECO CI KIT cable clamp, the QBM DALI CONV LI can also be used for independent installation.
Product catalog: QBM DALI CONV LI

OTi QBM NFC S – ideal for luminaire installation

If you want to install a HubSense network including new luminaires, OSRAM also has the right components for you: The Bluetooth-capable OTi QBM NFC S LED driver with its compact housing (97 x 43 x 29.5 mm) is perfectly suited for integration into slim luminaires, but also for rail systems, e.g. in museums. The driver is easily programmable via near-field communication (NFC) and offers many options for flexible lighting control.
Product catalog: OTi QBM NFC S

OTi QBM NFC I – ideal for independent installation

The LED driver OTi QBM NFC I offers the same features as the S version, but is perfectly suited for independent installation due to the integrated cable clamp. Thanks to the special screw terminals, the mains cable can be easily looped through. This makes the OTi QBM NFC I the ideal solution for LED panels and downlights, e.g. in open-plan offices, individual offices, conference rooms or corridors.
Product catalog: OTi QBM NFC I

HubSense for advanced users: Workshops in the OSRAM DS Light Academy

Have you chosen OSRAM HubSense as your modern lighting control system and want to learn more about it? Our HubSense training at the Light Academy is for building managers, system integrators and planners who want to increase their knowledge and exploit the full potential of the system capabilities – from application and system functions through to programming options. In our workshops, you get detailed information from the planning stage through to implementation. You will also learn how to install HubSense yourself with the associated software.

Are you interested? Register for the HubSense training or directly set up an individual training session for yourself.

All other information about the HubSense lighting control system can be found in our information flyer, which you can download here.
HubSense system training

Case study: Office lighting – Kolding, Denmark

New for old – HubSense effortlessly turns an existing installation into an intelligent new light management system.
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